Black Beryl

Beryl - Black

Beautiful Black Beryl is a new one to us and we are reliably informed rare. Because of this I know of no one who can validate the information I am going to give you. If you know of anything at all about Black Beryl please feel free to get in touch.

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And then there is Black Beryl. Black Beryl doesn’t fit in. Not exactly. In fact at this moment in time I do not know and can not find anyone who categorically can say what the inclusions are or which impurities colour it. What I do know is it fits perfectly with this week’s crystal collection.

Black Beryl is Goshenite coloured by something powerful. At first I thought it might be Black Tourmaline because the energy is protective and strong. I also think it could be Black Spinel because that too is protective and strong energetically and also because it helps us deal with the darker side of our personality. Either if these two would be perfect for bringing the strength required to navigate through this time of year when we already feel we are hanging on by a thread.

So, I’ve looked at it, held it and meditated with it and lastly asked my guides to help. I knew when I saw it that it fitted into this week’s crystals absolutely no questions asked. We are dealing with the sometimes difficult side of our personality this week. The misunderstood side that try’s so hard to fit in and thinking about this I found Black Beryl.

Black Beryl is a rather strange crystal. I am reliably told from my geologist friends that it is a Beryl but it to doesn’t quite fit in to those we know and love.

Beryl is coloured by its impurities and inclusions. So we get Aquamarine coloured by the impurities of iron which give it various colours of blue/green. Emerald coloured by the impurities or inclusion of the element of chrome and sometimes vanadium. Goshenite which is in most cases relatively clear as there are no impurities. Morganite its colour attributed to Mn2+ ions. Red Beryl it’s colour attributed to Mn3+ ions. And, Golden Beryl or Heliodor as its sometimes called it’s colour being attributed to Fe3+ ions. All these lovelies fit into the family of Beryl.

Here’s how Black Beryl believe can work for you.

Hold your piece of Black Beryl firmly in your hand. Sit comfortably and try to relax. Let your shoulders drop. Begin by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Inhale a large deep breath of air feeling it travel up your nose and across the upper cavity of your nose. Feel the air buzz around your head activating all the nerve endings in your cranial cavity. Let go! Allow the breath to travel down into your belly and exhale. Repeat each time experiencing the inhaled air stimulating your nerve endings in you head and brain. For a second on each breath as you deeply inhale you will let go! You will fly and fall and find freedom. And as you continue each second at that crucial point where you release all tensions time will stand still and seem to get longer and longer.

A few minutes deep breathing with Black Beryl will feel like several hours of complete peace. Think of it as the spiritual power nap breathing exercise.

The quality and the lesson that I believe is hidden in Black Beryl is the lesson of ‘letting go’ . Stop trying and simply be for a few moments every day and you will find the sunshine come back into your life.

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