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Crystals for Discovering You

This week’s crystals are a specific collection put together to help you discover who you really are. 

There are so many things that get in the way of one discovering who they really are – it’s a minefield out there. Many are even brought up to be the person someone else wants them to be. So this crystal collection is a supreme collective of powerful aids to help one unravel the mysteries of their hidden power and who they really are. 

One of the most asked questions in the shop:

‘What crystal do you recommend to help me stop feeling so guilty about being happy when my friend, relative, the third world, etc is having such a dreadful time?’

We’ve been asked this same question three times in a recent weekend alone so it is obviously one that troubles a lot of people and a sign of the times. 

Mrs P asked “My only daughter is about to have a baby, she has waited a long time for this and we are very happy about it. However my sister’s husband is very ill and doesn’t have very long which is tragic. How can I enjoy this wonderful news from my daughter that makes my heart sing when I feel so guilty about feeling happy when my sister is going through such anguish?” 


Mrs H asked “I need a crystal to give me permission to be happy”.

Mrs T said she is so empathic that she lives her life being miserable because there is so much pain in the world she feels guilty being happy. 

One lady even told me she is nice to everybody because she doesn’t like confrontation and wants everyone to be happy. She said she feels miserable inside but can’t tell anyone. 

There is no quick fix or specific crystal that is miraculously going to sort this out.

This is one of those lessons which can only be solved by working on yourself.

It is a multi-faceted response generally equated to learnt behaviour. Most of our responses are conditioned from an early age. I believe even past life times. But before we can go into crystals that can help with these issues, here are some of the things to think about.

Sometimes a low self-esteem can have powerful impact on one’s life. You may never have identified it as a low self-esteem, preferring to think of it as that you are just a nice person who gets hurt or passed over or taken advantage of. 

So here are a few things to think about and ask yourself:

  • a) When someone says something hurtful to you or refuses to help you when you ask and you respond with a happy positive ‘that’s no problem, I’ll sort it’ kind of answer – What is your inner voice saying? 
  • b)  Set yourself a new challenge every single day. It may be to talk to someone who you see everyday that never notices you. Or to buy yourself a present everyday – one day a rose – another an ‘I love you to the moon and back’ fridge magnet – you get the idea. After a week or two analyse how you feel about yourself before and after this exercise. 
  • c)  Try a period of never reading the news or listening to negative conversation, including gossip. 
  • d)  Do not watch or read any negative programmes or films including horror and science fiction. 
  • e)    Be kind to yourself. You are not a doormat! Small children and those you are responsible for are one thing but let others look after themselves. Do something everyday that makes you happy; go for a long walk – have a luxury bath – have a pedicure – create a masterpiece – go on the treadmill – sit in the park. Make time for your needs. 
  • f)  Spend time with those you chose to spend time with because you want to! 
  • g)  When someone asks you to do something for them you really don’t want to do – do not rush to answer. Give yourself a thinking space. The silence says more than words will ever do. Then slowly without any excuse say ‘No’, or ‘How about no’  or ‘That’ll be a no’. Whichever way you can deliver it as long as the answer is no is good. It takes practice and only with practice do you learn the mistakes of engagement. 

No one needs to give you permission to do any of these things.

You are perfectly allowed to feel enough self-worth to make a decision about what you want to do and how you want to feel. As long as it hurts no one do as you will. Simply leaving a space for You in your life even if you do nothing with it is your right. And all of these things will help build your self-esteem.

You will become more assertive naturally.  It is hard to change one’s nature, but by identifying things that need to be worked on is a step in the right direction.  

Now let’s tackle the one about being nice.

Nice people are generally comfortable to be around but don’t make the best friends. Sorry if that offends but think of this;

They say things to make you happy but not always the truth.

They will tell you things you want to hear.

They don’t like confrontation. They do not want an argument or disagreement or any negative situation and so will say what is required to keep the peace.

They will want you to believe they have your best interests at heart but most the time the motivation is more to do with their own self-preservation and happiness. 

We all know nice people but wouldn’t you rather someone told you as it is?

Like ‘oh dear you have your dress tucked in your knickers’ or ‘there’s a bogie up your nose’. Worst still there is a ‘spider in your hair’. Anyway, I’m sure you get the picture.

Lastly here let us mention the word guilt.

In particular, about feeling happy when others are struggling. This is a difficult one for many and one that is another lesson encountered when working on the self.

We believe it is about choosing to be mindful.

We spend a lot of our day hearing about other’s difficulties. It goes with the territory working in a holistic retail business in Glastonbury. However, we chose to be called Happy Glastonbury because that is our intention; to be happy.

You can’t hold onto happy, it is a feeling that comes and goes but you can choose to intend to be happy. 

Happiness is a choice. It is a default setting. And that is Happy Glastonbury’s default setting even if daily we encounter amazing customers who are going through trauma and difficulties. After all, one of the reasons many come to Glastonbury is to search for ‘something’. Some know what it is they search for and some don’t they just know something is missing. 

Living in the moment and choosing mindfulness means we encounter things as they happen. Life flows and there are twists and turns along the way.

Do not waste precious time feeling guilty and unhappy because of something out of your control. Act if you can do something and when you can do something. Share a kindly word.

Listen to another’s pain with feeling but do not hold on to it. You will have your share of pain in your lifetime. You do not need to carry the world of other people’s pain on your shoulders as well. 

Never feel guilty about choosing to be happy.

Start putting your needs first and living the life you deserve.

Play your music loud, show the universe your crazy dance moves and sing your heart out.

Make some noise and create your own happy vibe!

 Here is our super charged supreme collection of Crystals for your journey of self discovery. 

Spinel – For self confidence & self recognition. Great for those with a tendency to put others first.

Nuummite – Releases & exposes the alter ego. Transforms & clears blockages from repressed issues.

Verdite – shows you how things really are. Aids personal power by acting a mirror.

Rhodochrosite – Helps to confront issues head on. Brings repressed issues to the surface to be emotionally released.

Cuprite – Grounds stress and worries. Alleviates feelings of guilt.