This mineral is known to bring suppressed, unwanted feelings to the surface so they can be dealt with through emotional release. It helps the release of pent-up energy to be transmuted into tears or anger.

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Either way, it is better out than in. It is symbolic of the umbilical cord and the rebirthing process. Rhodochrosite has the ability to bring events in our life that have caused pain, to the forefront so we can acknowledge them for what they are and place them in context. It proves to us that there are no coincidences and everything happens for a purpose. Each event in our life is a learning process. Some of us learn the lesson first time – while others continue to repeat the same mistakes.

Working with this stone leaves you nowhere to go – except to face the truth. It makes no excuses for others and no apologies either. However, if this stone comes into your possession or if you’re drawn to it, somewhere deep in your subconscious lies a strong desire to find the courage and power to confront an issue and move on. The opposite can also be true. Those who adamantly dislike this mineral may be afraid to face something, preferring to keep it buried. Rhodochrosite aids with emotional stress, spleen, heart, circulatory system and kidneys.

Rhodochrosite is a big boost for self confidence and for working on ones personal power.

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