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Crystals for Children

Children are naturally drawn to crystals and minerals of all kinds especially tumbled crystals.

 In the shop children frequently are mesmerised by all the colours and shapes and can’t help touching them. The sound the crystals make when trickling through tiny fingers is irresistible to them. Most children will naturally calm themselves by holding, squeezing or tumbling crystals around in their hands. Some will stroke the crystal over their face or up their arms others will try to smell the crystal or lick them. And, yes, we do cleanse our crystals regularly. It is always interesting to see which ones they are drawn to first to hold. You can almost read what they are trying to articulate by that first choice.

Jaspers and hematite naturally ground energy and so have a stabilising affect. Crystals, clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst and Citrine as a general overview are energising. Pearls, Abalone Shell, Blue Lace Agate, and Mango Calcite are superb for calming the emotions. And Rhodonite, Apache tears, Obsidian and Lepidolite have a much more powerful determined energy which is great for the hormones or for when one feels under stress.

If your child is drawn to any of these naturally it will give you an insight into what they are intuitively feeling. As a parent or guardian to be able to put in place some simple yet effective strategies to help them cope with their early years is very beneficial to their development.

It must be said however that if you are genuinely worried about your child’s development you should always consult your child’s health practitioner.

Introducing Children to Crystals

A great way to introduce crystals into your child’s routine is to have a few of the same tumbled crystals in a small natural bowl and allow them to explore them supervised but without instruction. They will intuitively play with the crystals.

One child will feel them and hold them and then toss them across the carpet watching the distance and motion. Then collect them and try to roll them. Another child will play with them and then line them up. A third child will fill their pockets and want to keep them on them. While another will intensely inspect each one looking at the irregularities. This is just an idea of what we have experienced.

What is interesting is that most children will engage with tumbled crystals or minerals for much longer then their attention span normally lasts.

An ideal time to bring out the crystals is before nap time in the afternoon or bedtime.  You could let them play with the crystals during story time or at that lovely time at the end of the day when you ask them about their day. It may be surprising to hear their thoughts whilst they are pre-occupied with the crystals. My youngest son would drift off like he was daydreaming and tell me about his past lives which at the time was a bit of a shock as he was only two.

Bring out a small bowl of different crystals each night for a week and note the difference it makes to your child.

*With smaller tumbled crystals always supervise your children.

The crystals chosen this week for ‘Crystals for Children’ have been carefully put together going up in age. For example, on Monday we introduce Howlite a wonderful mineral ideal for small children, they are drawn to it naturally and it has a very calming energy. One or two Howlite stones tumbled together in the palm of their hands is very relaxing. It helps to centre them and has this unflappable laid-back sleepy effect on their energy centres.  By the time we get to Friday we are into Rhodonite the go to rescue stone ideal for stroppy hormonal teenagers who are coping with their identity, exams, peer groups, expectations and independence. We hope you enjoy this week’s collection.

Howlite (2-4 year olds) – Calms fears, cools tempers and grounds stress.

Mango Calcite (4-7 year olds) – Teaches kindness, love and respect.

Blue Lace Agate (7-11 year olds) – Helps to express feelings clearly.

Apache Tears (11-14 year olds) – Can help to deal with changes in the body.

Rhodonite (14 years +) – Maintains self-esteem under pressure.

These five crystals will work well as a medicine pouch for your child. Some may be more relevant than others at this time but as a general go to cover most difficulties you will experience it’s a great starting point. Let your child work with them as collections or separately as they grow and energetically, they will have all the tools you need to survive the journey from toddler to adult.

We here at Happy Glastonbury hope you found this week informative. Please leave your comments here. Thank you!