Calcite - Mango

Manganocalcite or Mango Calcite as is commonly known is believed to aid one’s communication with the angelic realms and allow us to glimpse behind the ‘veil’.

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The love energy is strong within this stone and teaches us much about our own needs and wants. It permits us to think of ourselves without guilt as it is only when we are at our best that we can give of our best. Mango Calcite helps frustration and brings calm. It is linked with kindness, love and respect.

Mango Calcite and Children: Mango Calcite is hugely beneficial for children around the ages of 4-7. They will benefit enormously from working with this mineral because it is the teacher of kindness, love and respect. Mango calcite is gentle and persuasive. It nurtures as it leads one into realising the link between ones emotional reactions and the analytical response.

Important patterns are set in this age group and it can be hard for parents too as children begin school and spend longer periods of time away from home. It is at this time they are no longer ‘your baby’ but a little person in their own right and don’t need you quite so much. It is difficult sometimes to get this transition right with all the best will in the world. So much input from outside influences is available to your growing child they seem to change daily.

Children in this age group still need their cuddles ‘when their friends aren’t looking’ and encouragement from you just like before. However you will notice that there is a little bit of growing away from you happening. As a responsible parent you will be forever saying ‘no’ to so many things as they start to assert their will over yours. Their personality is developing, they will push boundaries just to see what they can get away with. If you let them they will have friends to play or go out to play every afternoon after school and eat sweets and ice cream until their sick. They believe money comes out of the hole in the wall and you only need a card so why can’t they have one? It is an action verses reaction state of play and has stepped up major since before going to school.

Whilst you are coming to terms with how you feel about all of this they too are struggling with how they should be feeling about these things. And, whilst you can’t tell them how they should feel in most instances you should be striving to put structures and procedures in place to help. Allowing them access to Mango Calcite to hold, tumble in their hands and play with works as a link between you. It has a beautiful heart energy that is unconditional. Mango Calcite is a fantastic communicator and works by steadying the emotions allowing the brain to think slowly before speech is activated. This is a good thing for them to learn! Especially when you are explaining why they can’t have something or do something they want to. Instead to screaming or repeating the same request over and over they are able to articulate rationally.

Mango Calcite is said to connect to the angelic realms. It brings your angels near even when one is too tired, exhausted or unaware that they need them. By stroking and holding the Mango Calcite as it warms the energy is picked up on the matrix, the fine web that runs throughout the universe. It is sometimes just enough to feel that they are there. To know that they are close brings enormous comfort and support. Children feel this even if they can not quantify what it actually is they intuitively feel a sense of calm and peace come over them whenever they hold this crystal.