The enormous surge of emotions that happen every time a memory or ‘echo’ of a past hurt or pain emerges feels real. As real as the time it happened to you for the first time.

These memories play out like stories, minute by minute on – press record play – over and over again. Every time something stimulates the echo it happens all over again. These echoes bounce back, and each time they do, you relive the story. Furthermore, depending on your mood or who your with, it can be more or less painful.

We all carry around with us memories of things that hurt. Somethings appear small to others but to us they are our world.

When we are small, going to play school or our first day at school can be traumatic having all our security walk out the door wrapped up in our mother or care giver.

As we grow changing schools, Moving house, relationships, jobs – life – all these things make memories; some good and some not so good.

All these events accumulate and become our reference record. An inventory or events that happened to us and how we dealt with them.

This inventory is very useful. It allows us to gauge incidents that happen to us as we go through life against it and it in turn evaluates the response. The more we have experienced the more we are able to cope. The tougher the experience, in theory the tougher we ultimately become. 

As we grow we realise that we are not our feelings. Feelings are our thoughts running wild. They are a tipsy turvy emotional mix of our base, sacral and solar plexus chakras, jumping up into our analytical third eye and crown chakra and then swamping our heart chakra.

Thoughts running wild equals emotional mess.

When we realise that there is a separation between feelings and our thoughts then we can gain tentative control over our emotions.

Power lies in knowing when to have control and when to allow feelings to run free. 

If you are an empath the interplay between thoughts and feelings is a whole lot worse. For example; you are saying goodbye to your child who has joined the armed forces. You are happy for them doing something they want to do. You are also sad to see them leave. Suddenly as you are waving goodbye your thoughts start to run away with you and you think….this may be the last time I ever see them. What if something happens to them and they don’t come home. A tear runs down your face and you are overcome with sadness. Before you know it you are crying inconsolably for every child that never came home. You are grieving for every parent who has lost a child.

An empath’s sensitivities are so heightened that they feel everything for everybody and it takes enormous strength to come back from those feelings.

Likewise being an empath means if you have gone through a trauma of any kind, you will feel that trauma in another if they have experienced something similar. So when you meet someone new even for a moment you feel them! You actually feel their journey, their pain and it reignites your own pain.

The echo bounces back.

This is an incredible tool, a gift and one that can bring great comfort to yourself and others. It can also be a curse if you don’t know how to control it. So if you are super sensitive, or an empath how do you make yourself bulletproof?

There is no simple answer to this question because we are all different. However becoming bulletproof will take a bit of time and learning. You will need to get to know yourself very well. Find your  Achilles heel and work on that. This will become another journey for you and should be regarded as sacred.

You will learn about the chakras, about energy and a lot about yourself. There are lots of good books to read to get you started. Books on emotional intelligence, energy tapping, ho’oponono and even ‘The Book of F##k it!

The person who started the journey will not be the same one who finishes it. 

Here are just a few things that can help to get you started. 

1) To stop picking up other people’s energy it is useful to have some hematite on you. Have some in your pocket and if you are extremely sensitive, tape some to your skin with micropore surgical tape perhaps around your sacral or solar plexus chakra. This will naturally bring your energy field closer to your body. You can remove it when you’re in a place where you feel comfortable.

2) Don’t watch any tv or news that is negative, especially before bedtime. It is good to be totally aware of what is going on in the world however not if it is detrimental to your wellbeing. So do not allow yourself to be exposed to the constant bombardment of negative media coverage. It can become subliminal to the degree that you hardly notice it but your energy is still absorbing it.

3) Eliminate negative people from your daily life. This can be very difficult but you need to put yourself first and wherever possible, stay well away from their energy. Negative people vampire energy from others. They gravitate towards positive people in a need to feed off those that carry the light. It is not done consciously in most cases purely that light people make them feel better. They can off load all their stress and temporarily feel better in themselves.

4) Learn to meditate. When possible find the time to be at one with the universe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few minutes or a long guided meditation. Even a walk in nature will help. 

5) Find your tribe! Really important advice here. Seek out those of like mind. It will help you to feel you belong and speed your journey. 

6) Try and do something everyday that lifts your mood. It will recharge your batteries. Find time to play your favourite music, watch a funny comedy, do some art or craft or spend quality time with someone you love. 

Remember that your intention, your default setting is to be happy and content so anything that takes you away from that is just life  passing through you. Life is to be experienced and you can’t hold on to the feeling of happy and content. You can however make it your intention to return to it – to reinstate it and bounce back to it.

We have put together a list of crystals that can help the Empath on their journey. Journey well. 

Crystals for Being Bulletproof

Hematite – Pulls in the aura and stabilises our thoughts.

Pyrite – Inspires courage & confidence. Protects the Aura.

Tourmaline – Dispels negative thought patterns. Can help with mental illness.

Citrine – Takes negativity and grounds it.

Ancestralite – Aids in strengthening the aura.