This is a very positive and comforting stone to be used when you’re feeling less than adequate. Place a piece on your desk or in your work area and you’ll soon notice a change of energy. With Pyrite, ideas will flow and diplomacy will become so much easier.

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Your mental activity is accelerated and accentuated. Iron Pyrite is said to increase the oxygen supply to the blood and aid the circulatory system. It inspires courage and confidence. When worn around the neck, it is said to shield the wearer from negative energy and protect the physical, etheric and emotional bodies.

It aids the memory and has also been used in healing the bone structure, the cell composition and internal infections. Disorders of the lungs, bronchitis and asthma are considered improved by working with Pyrite.

Pyrite is often used to shield the aura, it naturally brings ones own energy field closer. Before you leave your home or safe place hold your piece of pyrite between your hands. Centre yourself and picture your chakra centres with a large open lotus flower in front of each one. From base to crown visualise each chakras lotus petals close. When you come to the crown allow the petals to remain slightly open.
Know that your protective shield throughout your day will remain open to source but unbroken to outside influences. On your return home thank your pyrite, touch or hold it and say ‘protection shield down’.
Used also before psychic work, mediumship and travelling.