Becoming A Master Money Spinner!

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Becoming A Master Money Spinner!

Money is the root of all evil

Money can’t buy happiness

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Filthy rich

Just a few of the common expressions that most of us will have grown up hearing in our lifetimes. So ingrained are they in our culture, that most of us grow through our lives unknowingly developing subconscious thoughts about money that hinder our acquisition of it.

When you think that 80% of our thoughts our subconscious, simply holding an intention of having more money isn’t necessarily going to be enough to bring more of it into our lives.

We need to delve into our relationship with money and dig deep to uncover the patterns and thoughts that have created our energetic relationship with money in the here and now. It is when we do this, that we can start to unpick and change the things that are holding us back from our financial abundance.

Poor me or lucky me mindset?

The law of attraction is something many of us are aware of. Like attracts like so a mindset that expects the worst will be a magnet for those very things. Do you consider yourself to be lucky or unlucky with money?

Being in control of your conscious thoughts is the first route in to having more money.

If you catch yourself complaining about how much you are having to pay out, the cost of your rising bills or the lack of money in your account, take a different perspective. Focus on the things you are able to afford. If you have food on the table and a roof over your head, there is much to be thankful for.

Focusing on and appreciating what you do have, will allow more money to flow to you.

The Blame Game

Blaming financial misfortune on others or your circumstances will only serve to keep you where you are or most likely, help you sink further.

Whilst you may stand to gain sympathy from others, you are relinquishing your responsibility and keeping your focus on negativity.

You may have been made redundant for example. Whilst this could be worrying, worry won’t help. Blaming your previous employer won’t help. But you could take the perspective that this is a wonderful opportunity to embark on a new career/job/adventure that will suit you more/pay you more.

We live in a universe of infinite possibility, Don’t surrender your power by settling into a victim mentality. Seize these opportunities as chances to dance with the universe.

Poor = Spiritual/Rich = Selfish

Being on a spiritual path does not have to equate to not having money or worldly possessions. Unless of course, that is how you decide to view the world.

For many of us, it appears that the road to enlightenment naturally lends itself to having less, largely because of our conditioning. It’s not an either/or choice. You can do what you love, be happy and be rich and guess what? That doesn’t have to make you selfish.

Examining your unconscious blocks to money is a vital step in attracting more. Spend some time thinking about your relationship with money. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What key negative phrases do you use?
  • How does having money or not having money make you feel?
  • Do you save and if so, what are you saving for? (a rainy day or a week in the sun for example – see the difference?).
  • What are your earliest memories of money?
  • Growing up, did you live in family of haves or have nots?

These are just a few of the questions that should examine closely.

Understanding the network of experiences, environments and relationships that have influenced your money mindset will lift them into your conscious mind where you can start to make changes.

Know Your Worth

One of the biggest blocks to having a bigger flow of money into your life is your self-worth.

If you do not value yourself, or your time, how do you expect to have more? You are simply putting out to the universe that you are not worthy of more and the universe will deliver more of the same to you.

The amount of money you have directly correlates with the amount you value yourself.

So how can you value yourself more?

For example, if you really do not like your job, are you valuing yourself by complaining how rubbish it is but remaining there? Clearly not. That’s not saying you have to rush our and quit, again it’s about perspective.

If you made a conscious decision to sit down and decide what sort of job would really make you happy whilst keeping in mind that your current role is temporary, your energy would begin to change.

If you took the time you spend complaining about your job and instead looked around at other possibilities, your energy would begin to change.

And if you made a pact with yourself that while you are in your current and temporary role, you are going to do the best you can and give it your all, your energy would begin to change.

Perspective is everything.

Another example is that of people undertaking spiritual work. A commonly held belief is that spiritual work should be done for free. But why is this?

If, as a healer or practitioner, you give up your time and energy to be of service to others, why should this be given as free?

Putting no monetary value on your time and energy, whilst living in a society that’s governed by economics, is saying that you are not worthy.

Other ways of valuing yourself are eating healthy, exercise and taking time out for yourself. Are you caring and nurturing yourself both physically and spiritually?

If you look at your life and can see that you are forever giving to others but not showing yourself kindness, nourishment and love, you are not valuing yourself.

Identify and make the changes necessary to ensure that you not only recognise your self-worth, you really believe it. You are of significant value and this realisation will aid you attracting more abundance.

Don’t Hide From Money

It’s a common mistake to hide away from the realities of your financial situation but in truth, this will never help. Getting clear on what you do have and where it goes will help you stay in control and identify ways that you could improve things.

Not opening bank statements or avoiding debts are not the way forward. Take back control and develop a keen understanding of your finances. Maybe keep a track of daily/weekly spends, look at your actual disposable income and where it goes. Do your spending habits showing that you value what you do have or are you being wasteful unnecessarily? If you are not already placing a value on your existing cash flow, you can’t expect to attract more.

Becoming a master money spinner requires changes both in your day to day appreciation of money and your subsequent spending habits as well as recognising your conscious and subconscious thoughts and patterns that act as blocks to accumulating more wealth.

If your goal this year is to get rich, get to the root of all that is holding you back and you could well be on your way to becoming (happily) rich!

The following collection of crystals can be used as your very own money spinning pouch. Each one has been chosen to aid you in your quest for financial abundance:

Ruby (Attracting wealth)

Emerald (Enhancing memory, assists in delving into your past to enearth early conditioning)

Picture Jasper (Bringing to the surface and letting go of negative emotion)

Kyanite (Working with the structures of your thinking/Cutting through illusion)

Rose Quartz (Self worth)