Blue Kyanite is used for healing and strengthening the throat and larynx and aligns the throat chakra to the third eye chakra. It is well known as a friend to singers and performers as it aids communication, intuition and the vibrational quality of the voice. Kyanite dissipates anger and flushes of intense emotional stress.

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The blades of Kyanite allow us to cut through illusion by working within the dimensions that structure one’s thinking. After healing, using this technique, one feels emotionally lighter and suddenly more creative, as if the ‘chi’ energy connection has been restored. Some people will wear a Kyanite pendant to help them keep balance and intuitively find themselves holding the pendant when a surge of ‘chi’ energy is required. It acts like a signal to ‘source’ that aid is needed and works by the conscious and sub-conscious sending the same signal, so that will and intent become one.  Kyanite is a wonderful mineral for empaths and sensitives. It helps fine-tune the intuition and opens psychic connections.  Deep blue Kyanite resonates with the angelic realms  – meditating with it can bring your connections to the angels deeper and closer.  Take your Kyanite out under the night sky and call your angels near. Open your heart chakra and align it to the throat and third eye chakras as you talk to the angels and communicate to the Divine through your feelings of unconditional love.

Green Kyanite has a gentler vibration than Blue Kyanite.  It resonates from the throat down to the heart chakra, working on calming the inner voice.  It can help switch off the internal dialogue or change a negative conversation into a positive one.  When you hear your inner voice being negative or self-critical, hold your Green Kyanite and say ‘I can do this’ or ‘everything is ok’ or ‘you’ve got this’  or ‘ I am amazing, beautiful, confident and loved’.  Whichever works best for you. Green Kyanite is your best friend. It’s rare and can be hard to get hold of, but when you do, treasure it because it will never let you down. Green Kyanite tends your emotional body.  It plumps up and bolsters your energy field when you cannot do it for yourself. It revitalises all the chakras with constant positive charges.

Kyanite forms as fibrous masses in long blades – some twisted but primarily straight. It is a mineral found mostly in aluminium-rich metamorphic pegmatites or magmatic rock.  Metamorphism takes place deep in the earth’s crust in the upper part of the mantle. It is pushed up via volcanic eruption and the movement of tectonic plates. Some of the very best and deepest Blue Kyanite is found in Tibet at the top of the Himalayas.