Are you experiencing #re-entry anxiety?

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Are you experiencing #re-entry anxiety?

With the prospect of many returning to the workplace next week or going out retail shopping for the first time in months, many are experiencing a wave of anxiety. Unexpectedly we were all thrown into unprecedented territory last year, and it has been a roller coaster of emotions ever since.

Everyone will have coped differently during the lockdown, depending on their situation. I have many clients who have experience difficulties with managing finances and working from home. Small children who need constant entertainment, home schooling and elderly relatives who require care. Looking after your family’s wellbeing, it has all taken its toll.

As we approach the precipice of change once again, there will be a new hashtag to describe it #re-entryanxiety. If you have been at home in isolation and feel your anxiety rising at the prospect of April the 12th looming, then I have a few tips to help you alleviate your stress.

Concentrate on the positives! Spring is here so it is time to take a little more fresh air. Now you can travel a little further visit a local beauty spot and meditate. Seeing loved ones and friends releases a happy hormone, enjoying a cup of tea and friendly gossip is good for the soul.

Shopping! My favourite pastime. A new pair of shoes. A new bra. A new mobile phone or maybe some new Crystals! Go out and think about purchasing one thing you want. Then set out and stay focussed on that one purchase.

Every day introduce a new experience. Arrange a meet up with a friend or a relative. Make it a goal to have fun and keep it bite-size chunks. It becomes overwhelming when a simple trip turns into a whole day or meeting one friend or loved one turns into six. Allow yourself time to process the experience and the new normal.

For those returning to work for the first time in months, the best way to survive anxiety is to prepare yourself. Take a packed lunch, a supply of face masks, hand gel – anything you need to help you navigate your working day.

It is also good to think about strategies to help you cope with the new normal. Remember to breathe. Crystals work holistically and aid emotional stress. Use crystals to keep your energy pure. Calm yourself by taking three deep breaths and centre yourself, I highly recommend working with any of these crystals below.

Green Amethyst as a piece of jewellery not only looks phenomenal and will draw many admiring glances but can also be used to keep your energy vibrationally clear. Tumbled Green Amethyst crystals in your pocket will feel comforting, like worry stones. Using surgical tape position, a piece of Green Amethyst above the solar plexus. That is in the centre of your body below the heart and above the belly button. In this position, it will help stop the feeling of butterflies or nerves escalating.

Use tumbled Hematite or a Hematite bracelet to help ground your negative energies that manifest as stress Heamatite will help to calms your nerves.

Shungite is another excellent stone and works well with Green Amethyst. Use Shungite to protect you from electromagnetic frequencies. Shungite helps you to stop picking up negativity and is another superb mineral for grounding self-limiting thoughts.

Black Tourmaline is an excellent protection crystal. You can never have too much Black Tourmaline. Place it around the home, workplace, garden and carry some with you.