Prasiolite is green Amethyst. It is a heat treated crystal and many say that Mother Earth just needed a little helping hand finishing what she started. The energy is magnificent and the translucent green colour has amazing beauty. Healers say that it is gentler than Amethyst and works as an emotional healer. It is shy and timid by nature and its energy is more subtle then many crystals. Associated with the higher heart chakra, its energy is attuned to unconditional love. It has had some good results with hiatus hernia when worn below the throat chakra. Green Amethyst facilitates the ability of lower chakra energies transforming into higher frequencies.

This helps the healing in these chakra areas as it opens them up allowing universal energy to flood in. Green Amethyst is a very good crystal for healers to wear as it cleanses the aura constantly keeping the healers’ energies pure.