Healing With Labradorite

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Healing With Labradorite


As the awareness of crystals and minerals for healing has grown, Labradorite has, I feel, been left behind and perhaps unintentionally misunderstood. Most crystal healing courses stick relatively close to the chakra colours and quartz crystal energies. Labradorite is much more subtle than that. It doesn’t fit in with many other crystal/mineral types or the energy of other crystals, and unpolished can look pretty unimpressive. However, many are drawn to it and once polished, it looks unbelievable. These qualities have made it an obvious choice for jewellery. They say like attracts like, so maybe if you are attracted to Labradorite, you too are misunderstood or don’t feel like you fit in. 

Crystals are the entry into awakening. They are the first steps into spirituality and self-help; The lessons of responsibility to the self, and a starting point on the journey of self-discovery. 

Those attracted to and using Labradorite will find much strength and guidance from this dark friend.  Therapists and healers use Labradorite to help their clients feel they have a reason or purpose to belong on the planet. The things they are doing in their lives are their destiny and carry value and worth, and we are all part of a divine connection. Labradorite helps develop self-worth. It works by releasing tensions and quietening a very busy overactive mind, bringing restful sleep. With Labradorite, you will find the nurturing and encouragement that’s embedded in it and the secrets it withholds. With Labradorite, there is a calling from the original matriarchal subconscious that is waiting to be heard.

You only need to be around Labradorite to absurd its energy. Holding and stroking the surface pulls the subconscious mind into the matrix that is vibrating within the crystal. An energy shift will take place, and healing happens, followed by the emotional body connecting to all that has ever been. 

Labradorite Meditation

This is how it works. 

It is always a good idea to smudge the area before settling down for meditating. It clears the area of any negative energies and alerts the spiritual realms of your intention. 

Hold your Labradorite and stroke the surface. Relax and slow your breathing. Count three deep breathes that feel and sound like enormous sighs when you exhale. Imagine a feeling that can affect the entire body. Close your eyes and picture a huge singular piece of Labradorite on a beautiful sandy beach. The beach is deserted and the waves are gently lapping around the base of the stone. See yourself walking towards the stone and with ease climb on top of it. Sit crossed legged for a moment looking out to sea. There is nothing on the horizon except blue sky. The water is shallow and clear reflecting the suns rays. Now stretch yourself out across the Labradorite stone lying on your back. Feel the warmth of the stone warmed by the sun. To the touch the stone is warm and soothing. Allow your physical body to be pulled and spread out across this huge piece of beautiful Labradorite. With every breathe you take imagine your body relaxing and releasing. Let your muscles relax. Feel your body being pulled and stretched. Breathe slowly and as deeply as is comfortable until your body fills with purity. Slowly you will feel your senses slipping; your body defragmenting and you become one with the crystal. Now while this is occurring on one level on another level the subconscious mind is pulled away from the density of the physical world and starts to travel along tiny threads of energy expanding out into the universe. As you experience this shift and wonder at the connectivity of all things you realise just how magnificent you really are. You hold a place in the orchestration of all that is. That your place on the earth has purpose and meaning. That you are loved no more or no less then any other being. That these tiny threads of light travelling to and from the earth and out into the far reaches of the stars connect each and every one of us to the universe in an organised pattern or web. There is a formula of many steps in this dance linking everything in the matrix. It is so carefully balanced and fine tuned that every breath you take, and when you take it, is important to the co-existence and co-creation of an ever evolving universe.

 Feel your place. Feel your power. Embrace your true self.

Take your time in this space and allow the Ladradorite to work it’s magic. Feel the love and nurturing this mineral is capable of giving. 

When you reconnect with your physical body it feels like a treasured old friend, one that you have missed and now desperately cherish. The healing has taken place. This is a work in progress. Try and spend a few minutes every day holding and connecting to the universe with your Labradorite. 

Blessings to you from the heart of Glastonbury,

Marianna  ❤️