Self Love Day 14th February


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Saint Valentine’s day is nearly upon us once again, and it makes me wonder If it isn’t about time we did something radical and change it to

Self-love St Valentine’s day.


I love nothing better than to have a Valentine’s tea party with the grandchildren on this special day. We have red heart placemats, red heart fairy lights and food prepared in the shape of, you’ve guessed it, hearts.

We made love heart sausage rolls one year. They spread out In the oven and went horribly out of shape. Love heart pizza works better!

This year my four-year-old granddaughter and I have planned ‘gingerbread heart biscuits,’ and to decorate the table, Love heart mermaids, of course!  The preparations are going great, but my grandsons have put their foot down and have gone for mermen. Lots to do before Monday the 14th!

The most memorable thing is that we mark the occasion by truly making it all about us. All of us; We pull together all our personalities and have a tea-party. The Grandchildren know that this occasion is about showing the people we love that we care.

Spending time with our loved ones or taking time to do something for ourselves is all about self-love. I know I should tidy up after making mermaids and painting rainbows with the grandchildren, but it can wait. I know I should load the dishwasher and tidy up after making gingerbread hearts, especially when the icing goes everywhere, but I know I won’t. We will sing frozen at the top of our voices for Millie, play ‘I love you baby’ so loud the house will vibrate for Leo, who is deaf. And, most likely, whilst bouncing on the sofa, catch Pokémon with Max. And, when the other seven grandchildren arrive, the party will really start.

Happy Self-love Valentines Day, Sweethearts. I hope you can be true to your authentic self this year and do exactly what you want to on this special day of Love….  Magic can really happen when you choose to have the courage to show your true colours.

Big bright, beautiful ❤️ blessings,

Marianna xxx