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Forty years ago if you were lucky enough to come across a piece of Labradorite it would have looked like a piece of sparkly hard coal or granite. We never saw it polished and healers would say that it was the most magical of minerals although it didn’t appear quite so.

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Labradorite in its raw state was ‘interesting’ mysterious and thought provoking but only the most sensitive were truly able to feel its potential. The first polished pieces came much later and once one saw the flash of incredible labradorescence one knew that everything that was felt needed multiplying by a thousand times. The mystery of Labradorite lies it it’s fascinating molecular structure that consists of many micro fine  layers that seem to trap and refract the light. Held under a light source and moved around the light catches from certain angles and shafts of rainbow colours blaze brightly. Incredible interference colours that flash and move and dance and as quick as they are found they are gone. Spectacular displays of scattering light.

A shaman preforming a healing would take a piece of polished Labradorite and wave it around the aura concentrating on on the Ladradorescence, where it shines and flashes and more importantly where it does not. From this humbly respectful way of using the Labradorite much information can be gleaned. Where Rainbow Moonstone represents the the Moon Goddess, Goddess of light, Labradorite represents the Dark Moon Goddess. She who is unseen, the dark side of the moon that never shows its face. Things that are buried deep within the psyche, emotions that are hidden, fears, guilt, loss, addictions, abuse etc are bundled up in tight energy balls or pockets and carried in the aura. They weigh one down and feed on ones insecurities, weakness and anxieties. They keep one small, stop them enjoying their path and in extreme circumstance can make very ill.

A shaman will feel this in their patient and go looking for where the negative energy pockets are. The Labradorite will reflect the lights areas and reveal energetically dark areas.

Ladradorite is said to bring the wearer a wealth of wisdom and understanding. It is used to heal ‘too much head energy’ and ground the activity of an overactive mind. It also aids menstrual tension and balances the hormones. With patience and trust labradorite can assist one in determinedly letting go of the ‘things’ that no longer serve one well.  It is customarily worn as a piece of jewellery around the neck and, for meditations, held in the leading hand.

Golden Labradorite

Golden Labradorite is quite rare and unique. It is a gorgeous yellow like the sun in colour and is full of positivity. It is the crystal to use when you need to dig deep and pull something out of nothing. This crystal is considered masculine by nature and has the power to create change. Not one for the faint hearted as one must be careful for what they wish for with this crystal. If you are looking for change or movement then here is your man but you will have no say in how you get there. One minute you will be wishing or longing for something and the next minute your world will change and you will wonder what on Earth is going on. Of course it is not on Earth that the real change is happening but in the universe around you. Golden Labradorite will help you let go of all your unwanted baggage, will move obstacles and ignite your verve.

Golden Labradorite helps one find their purpose, decipher the divine order and find clarity of mind. Like the golden sun, the energy of Golden Labradorite is warm and comforting and suites many who are searching and seeking the mystery’s. It pushes many out of their comfort zone and entices them into movement. One will look back and say it was wonderful to speculate and dream the possibilities and absolutely amazing upon arrival but the journey was nothin that was expected.