Healing with Iolite

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Healing with Iolite

Iolite is a very underestimated crystal that Amethyst usually upstages. Simply because everyone has heard of Amethyst and Amethyst is used a lot in developing psychic abilities making it altogether more exciting. In contrast, Iolite is a strong, reliable work-horse of a crystal generally used to work on the third eye and throat chakra. I feel Iolite at its best can be used to heal, soothe or activate the throat chakra. This energy centre is so important and requires constant re-balancing. Along my journey of self-development, I have been tripped up many times by thinking my throat chakra was OK only to find something or someone can sneak up on me and knock me completely off balance. Here is a way to use Iolite to heal or balance this energy centre and is the method I use in shamanic healing. 

To heal the throat chakra, it needs to be balanced with the sacral chakra first. 

Method for balancing the sacral and throat chakras with Iolite.

You will require two Iolite crystals, two crystal points or wands, a piece of copper or copper pipe (about two foot long) and some surgical tape. You may also find beneficial, either a small Herkimer Diamond, a piece of Peridot or a piece of Citrine

The benefits of the sacral and the throat chakras working in alignment cannot be stressed enough. They are the fundamental stepping stones to most physical and spiritual progression. These two energy centres are the first to be activated after one’s birth, and yet they can be the very ones we have the most difficulty with. The spirit comes into the body via the sacral chakra, and the first thing a baby needs to do is communicate its needs – by crying! Hungry, cold, tired, sore, wet or frightened, a baby cries. For the first year of the babies life, they spend most of their time lying down. During this period of their life, they are still very much connected to the spirit world. They can slip in and out of it quickly, and they remain connected through their sacral energy centre. This changes once they are walking; from then on, they connect through the crown chakra. The first year in a babies life is essential in activating the throat chakra. 

I recommend you place some protection around your healing space intentionally with sound or smudge sticks before you begin. Put on some soothing music; nature sounds work well for this. 

Place one piece of Iolite on the throat chakra and one piece on the sacral chakra. Tape them in place if necessary with surgical tape. Lie down on a bed or the floor and get comfy. Focus on your healing that is about to take place. Place a piece of copper or copper pipe in your dominant hand and move your arm away from the body, rest it at the 8 o’clock position. If you are using copper pipe in a sitting position, point it towards the floor, or if lying down, hold it in your dominant hand and touch the floor.

Using your first crystal point or wand, hold it up in your left hand to the universe and ask for it to be blessed. Then holding it about six inches above the sacral chakra, begin moving it in circles anti-clockwise. Start slowly and build momentum until you are gently swirling the crystal wand round in an anti-clockwise direction. You will know when to stop as the energy in this centre changes. It only takes a minute or two. When you feel it’s right, pull up and away from the body. This is the infusion of Iolite energy with your sacral energy. 

Repeat the same technique with the throat chakra. This will infuse the iolite crystal energy with your throat chakra. If you felt energy moving in the sacral chakra, you will certainly feel something in the throat chakra. It tickles and flutters. You might want to cough or even cry. Any emotions felt must be released as this is all part of the healing experience.

You have now finished with your copper piece or copper rod and the first crystal wand. Remove them both from your healing space.

Re-focus your attention on your healing and holding the second crystal wand with your dominant hand and cup your other hand with your palm facing up to the universe. Imagine golden light flowing into your cupped hand. Hold up the crystal wand to the universe and ask it to be blessed.  Start with the sacral centre and make circles above it in a clockwise direction. Gradually pick up the intensity, swirling gently and in smaller circles until you feel ‘full’. Pull the crystal point up and away from the sacral chakra. This will take a minute or two, depending on how depleted of energy this chakra centre is. 

Repeat the same process with the throat chakra. You may find this one takes a little longer or feels very different. 

Once you have finished with the crystal wand and both chakras feel ‘full’, place the crystal wand away from your healing space. You will now need to close and protect these two energy centres. Think of each energy centre being a beautiful open lotus, and imagine gently closing the petals of the lotus folding them tightly closed. This simply visualisation will help you to embrace the healing.

This crystal healing method can produce profound healing of the throat chakra. You may feel a bit wobbly if you try to get up to quick, so relax and take your time. You may wish to rest awhile. Give thanks to the universe for your healing. Give thanks to your crystals, and remember to cleanse them. Finally, drink plenty of water. 

Iolite works well with Herkimer diamonds. Herkimer’s can amplify the healing. Place a Herkimer Diamond in the cupped hand during the healing as this can amplify the golden, white light energy received by the healer or recipient. Herkimer Diamonds also forms a memory of the connection and healing intention. Keep the Herkimer Diamond in your pocket or close to you. 

Peridot, peridot possesses the opposite colour to Iolite in the colour spectrum. Peridot brings in the pure green ray of light, representing pure unconditional love. This is an excellent crystal to work with when healing with Iolite

Citrine, citrine dispels any negative energy and self doubt when performing a crystal healing. There are lots of great healing qualities of Citrine which make it another great choice when using Iolite.

This healing technique can also be a wonderful experience to share with others at healing circles and groups. Practice on one another and don’t forget to let me know how you get along. 

Big, Bright Beautiful Blessings, 

Marianna Sheldrake