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Healing the ‘Inner child’ with Aquamarine. 


Aquamarine first came to my attention with Princess Diana’s most iconic aquamarine cocktail ring. More recently it was worn by Prince Harry’s bride Megan on their wedding day. Diana’s five-stranded pearl bracelet with the huge eye clean Aquamarine clasp was a fashion masterpiece. There is more to Aquamarine however, then fashion statements and glamour.

Aquamarine belongs to the Beryl family and gets its distinctive blue to green colouring from traces of iron. Generally, the darker the colouring the more expensive the Aquamarine. 

Looking at the healing qualities attributed to this incredible gemstone it is hardly surprising Aquamarine was a favourite of our princess. 

Aquamarine is believed to help boost confidence and self-esteem. Wearing Aquamarine does seem to transform an ordinary day or event into something magical and empowering. Apart from its allure is a very soothing gemstone to wear. One thing you frequently hear healers talking about is that Aquamarine brings about balance and cosmic harmony. It instils tranquillity and inner peace. It is also the first crystal I will turn to for working on healing the ‘inner child’.

Working on healing the ‘inner child’ is an immensely powerful way of moving forward. I have seen many ways of attempting this and you can find books and lots of information exclusively about it online. It is a big subject with many points of view. 


When working with crystals for healing the ‘inner child’ Aquamarine has always felt like the perfect one to use. It is the happy crystal. It helps identify aspects of the personality that have got a little bit tangled up in life. When you cannot think straight or see the wood for the trees. 

You can simply hold Aquamarine, wear as jewellery, or use in meditation to help focus on releasing memories that hold you back and block your future. When you go back to a memory, you can feel it as it happened in your recollection of events. But you are not the same person now as you were then. If you were a child, you will remember it as a child. You reacted to the situation from a child’s perspective. You are now an adult and yet you feel the pain of that child. You can become trapped with this childlike memory, unable to move forward. Unable to think rationally like an adult every time something triggers that memory. 

If you are struggling to move on from something that affected you in the past, use Aquamarine to release old energy. Painful, hurtful memories are toxic energy. And the time spent reliving those memories is precious time wasted. I realise this is easy to say as there are so many triggers to take you straight back to that feeling of grief, pain, or loss. It may be a word, a song, a sound, a scent, or perfume. It may be a time of year, a duty, a person, or place. There are so many stimulants that can suddenly transport you straight back to that feeling. 

However, clearing toxic energy makes space. It clears a space to allow inspiration for new experiences to happen. 

Healing the inner child is like Spring cleaning your memory and existing data so you can start afresh. 


How to use Aquamarine to heal the ‘Inner child.’ 

This is one of the simplest healing ever. Anyone can do it. 

Take your piece of Aquamarine and spend time with it. Hold it, admire it, and love it. See the beauty in the colour and tones and get lost in the wonder of how such a magnificent creation came into being. Get to know your piece of Aquamarine. By bonding and imprinting with the crystal, you are allowing it into your energy field. 

When you are not holding or wearing it, keep it wrapped up and away from other crystals and crystal jewellery. Your piece of Aquamarine should only be used for you as you work with it to release toxic energy.

You can either sit with your Aquamarine in meditation or simply take it to bed with you. Close your eyes and steady your breathing.

Remind yourself that you are not that child anymore, you are in control of your emotions and can gently release any toxic experiences you may have. Reinforce that you are safe and protected by the light. We are going to use the teachings of Ho’oponopono.

In this experience your Aquamarine can transmute a toxic emotion and helps to dissipate the feelings. Hold your Aquamarine in both hands and gradually allow yourself to go back to just one difficult time that still bothers you today. As soon as you see the images and feel the memory begin to form say ‘I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry. Thank you for the message.’ you can repeat this three times if you wish. 

This is the teachings of Ho’oponopono the Hawaiian healing method written about by Joe Vitale in Zero Limits.


Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More. 

In his book, Joe introduces the therapist Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len who is an incredible inspiration. Dr Len reviewed patients’ files and then healed them by healing himself. I highly recommend this book. 


In my experience, I would like to share with you how the magic works.

We are running data constantly in our mind (think of the mind as a computer) and everything we experience we are responsible for. We are part of and are creating. 

When you read, see, hear, or experience something you give it energy. It cannot be helped because it sets in motion a thought process. This thought creates data that is from your self-experience. Your brain like a computer starts the process of sequencing. The sequencing can run havoc with every little piece of data ever thought, felt, or experienced in your entire life. To be free, to put down this weight and heal ourselves we need to clear and clean this data to create space. It is not good enough to simply defragment our hard drive. All that does is squash all the hurt and pain deep down inside. We need to delete it put it in the trash can and then empty the trash can. 

Use this method to erase one difficult memory at a time at a pace that is right for you. This healing of the inner child works on many levels. 

Acknowledging you love your inner child. You care and love yourself enough to do this. Specifically, you take responsibility for allowing your inner child to suffer by holding toxic energy. You apologise to your inner child for holding onto the memory. And you say sorry. Sorry and please forgive me! Thank you for the message for without it I would not have known anything was wrong. I would have not known my inner child was suffering or the need to release these feelings to let go and be free. 

Healing is about clearing out toxic energy and bringing in living energy. This method of cleaning and clearing can be used in every part of your life.

Healing with Aquamarine will amplify your efforts and fill the newly created space with joy. The energy you programmed into your Aquamarine will also help to remind you to keep releasing old energy. 

For more information on this method of healing research Ho’oponopon. 


I love you all, please forgive me, I am sorry. Thank you for the message. 


Bright Blessings, Marianna. 



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