Aquamarine is a form of Beryl and in its pure state Beryl is clear and uncontaminated from other minerals and known as Goshenite. Aquamarine is Beryl contaminated with iron giving it its distinctive blue/green colour. There are others in the Beryl family also perfectly imperfect like morganite and emerald.

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This crystal teaches us to be fearless in all things and to embrace age. To value the wisdom that comes with it and to create your own luck and happiness.

Aquamarine provides us with the courage to be calm, whatever the circumstance, and consider our actions. It attunes to our highest spiritual level of awareness and works towards the highest good. Like a she-wolf prowling around her cubs, this stone keeps us spiritually awake. When negativity surrounds us and lethargy creeps in, it scratches and bites. It protects us during the travelling, exploration and understanding of the inner child. It gives us the courage to trust in our intuition and act on it.

This stone activates and cleanses the throat chakra, enabling a clear channel for the process of trance-mediumship.

For those experiencing or wishing to explore this phenomenon it is always advisable to have a knowledgeable companion present to watch over and guide you should circumstances prove difficult.They need also to take notes on your progression, safe return and grounding. Healers find Aquamarine useful in the treatment of swollen glands and the clearing of stress-related pressure behind the eyes. It is used also to detoxify and to drain the lymphatic system.