Are your Angels Listening?

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Are your Angels Listening? 

The veil between the world of the physical and the world of spirit is fragile.  Many can sense the angelic realm but can’t quite touch it, access it or communicate with it, yet have a longing or learning to do so. If you wish to communicate with your Angels and Spirit Guides, you may be wondering, ‘are they listening? How do I get their attention?’ 

It’s a gift to be able to communicate freely with your Angels and Guides. To some, it’s second nature whilst others struggle. Many wrestle with self-doubt or self-worth. However, they are your Angels and your Spirit Guides, and they are waiting for you to commune with them. 

For those who struggle, be reassured talking to Angels can be learnt; you need to be observant, make a little space in your life for them to find a way to communicate to you, and be patient. Once achieved, this line of communication can give you great insights into your path and help with any difficulties you may be facing. It’s a valuable experience contemplating your life path – where you have been, where you are, where you are going and why!

Signs that your Angels or Spirit Guides are listening. 

There are so many little signs that your Angels or Spirit Guides are listening that once you start looking for them, suddenly they are everywhere. 

A little feather floating down and landing on your face, finding a feather in your bedroom. (Usually, it’s a white feather unless a different colour or type has a meaning for you). 

They say finding things that you had lost and suddenly turning up in unexpected places means your Guides are near. Finding pennies was always thought of as Spirit communication. 

Walking into a room and smelling a familiar aroma, a perfume of a passed loved one, smelling jasmine or a heavy floral scent are a sign of Angel’s. Some say the smell of strong frankincense or myrrh is a sign that Archangel Michael is near. Remember Angels draw near to hold, protect and guides us on our earthly walk. They bring love, hope and divine inspiration. They show us the way and shine a light. They have an agreement with us that was made long before our birth to aid us in times of need and keep us focussed on our life’s journey. 

Seeing orbs, flashes of bright light or shapes in the clouds. Rainbows appearing when you look up and then gone. Strange shapes or orbs turning up in photographs. All these can be signs that Angels are near.  

Angels can connect to you through different types of energy. White noise is one way, either during a tv program or when listening to music. Flickering lights, turning lights on or off. 

Another way you can tell if your Angels are close by is to feel them. A tingling sensation or the hairs standing up on the back of your neck. A draught blowing gently past your cheek or ear. A deep shiver. Or sudden temperature change. 

Frequently Angels communicate by number sequencing. If you keep seeing the same number sequence over and over, pay attention. This can happen by seeing the same numbers in car number plates, on the clock, a book opening on the same page number, an appointment time made for you. There are all sorts of ways numbers play a part in Angelic communication. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night several nights in succession at the same time? 

Some Angelic communication is more direct. A ringing in the ears or a sudden feeling like your ears are underwater or popping. This can happen when you are in danger or someone is not honest with you. It happens quickly and unexpectedly. It is to get your attention. 

When you become more sensitive to Angelic communication, you may experience clairaudience, clairvoyance or other psychic gifts. You will see, hear, feel, smell or sense your Angels. Most have one or two gifts, although some have all of them. 

And of course, there is the ultimate attention-grabbing moment they appear and talk to you. Sometimes an Angel will pass you by and smile at you, and you feel a glow from head to toe. Or they will speak to you, say something profound and be gone, disappearing into a crowd or dissolve from view. Sometimes they will appear at the side or bottom of your bed, and you will feel them. You will awake and talk to them as if it is the most natural thing in the world and then go back to sleep. In the morning, you will know something profound happened. You will feel an insight or inspiration or feel comforted about something that is going to happen, of which you have no control over. 

Now you are open to Angelic communication and are aware; you will need to stay present. Except the message you are given, and even if you do not understand the message, say thank you and be grateful. Generally, all will become clear sooner or later, and this will help build your link to the spirit world. 

Connecting to your Angels or Spirit Guides. 

Here we have put together our top tips for connecting with your Angels.

  • Create a Sacred Space & Shrine: Angels dwell in the divine, so creating a space that embodies this will support you. Light candles, play soft, beautiful music, burn incense, whatever makes the right environment for you. Gather angelic items or crystals that will help hold your intention and send out the message that you are ready and willing to accept your Angels guidance.
  • Clear your inner and outer spaces: You will probably be aware of using sage to smudge rooms and areas and purify psychic work energy. Clearing your internal space is equally important. Before connecting with your angels, breathe deeply and spend a few minutes relaxing your mind and body. Visualise brilliant bright white light flooding through you from the crown chakra, purifying your energy and releasing any negativity that you might be storing within.
  • Ask!: Your angels are always there, but we can’t just assume their help and guidance; we must ask for it.
  • Be Clear: Be clear of your motivation and intention. The clearer you can be with your requirements, the stronger the energy will support your connection to your Angels.
  • Hand it all over: When you are ready to ask for guidance, be prepared to hand over all your concerns and fears to your angels. Trust. Believe with your heart and soul that the answers will come to you in true divine timing. Your answers may be instant, but they also may not. Know that they will come to you at the perfect time.
  • Be Grateful: Offer deep gratitude and appreciation to your angels for always being there.

Remember, angels, show their presence in many ways. As you develop working with your angels, you will start to recognise how they may reach out to you. The possibilities are endless.

Crystals that work with Angelic communication. 

Angel Aura 

Angel Aura is a clear quartz crystal that, through an alchemical vacuum treatment, has an electromagnetic vapour of platinum on the surface. There are a few other treatments on clear quartz to try and achieve this more economically, but the translucent halo effect seen on the very best quality reflects all the colours of the rainbow on the surface. Look out for the spirited and vibrationally responsiveness of the Angel Aura quartz when held within your aura. 

Angel Aura helps to integrate the light body into the physical dimension. Quartz and Platinum are the perfect duo to amplify your vibrational communication to spirit. 

The power of Quartz is down to the piezoelectricity within the crystal. Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that is released when the crystal is put under pressure. Piezoelectricity is also found in biological matter such as bone. 

Platinum has the highest vibrational energy of all the metals and is a very suitable choice in jewellery as it is hypoallergenic. Platinum is known to enhance the spiritual connection to the Angelic realms.  Healers use it to clear blockages, repair the aura, and then place protection around the aura.  

These two powerful energies together in Angel Aura make it the perfect crystal for use in talking to your Angels. 


Celestine instils peace. Known as a ‘teacher’ crystal, this crystal is widely believed to have the ability to ‘jump-start’ awareness of the higher self. It is used by those starting out on their path of self-discovery or by those who may have become lost to recover higher consciousness. It is the crystal to work with for contacting your guardian angels or for creating a clear channel when opening up to explore the celestial realms.  Celestine promotes awareness and sensitivity of the etheric self by identifying troubled parts of the aura and restoring balance. Celestine reveals truths, It shows what is hidden and aids acceptance.