Aura Quartz - Angel

Angel Aura is Quartz Crystal that has been heated and an alchemical treatment used to bond vaporised Platinum to its surface. This crystal acts as a mirror of one’s own soul. It projects all of one’s positive qualities and characteristics from the heart and soul out into the universe.

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This energy is then multiplied and returned as pure unconditional love. This is why care givers and healers are attracted to it. It is easy to become attached to Angel Aura as it shines like one’s own beacon of light. It is an ideal crystal for healers and carers, working equally as well for nurses and teachers, etc.

Angel Aura has a natural ability to protect the holder or wearer of the crystal from negative energies, forming a buffer around them. Angel aura is uplifting; it relieves stress and works on opening the crown chakra. It is very useful for crystal and Reiki attunements. Angel aura is used by mediums, clairvoyants, clairaudients and psychics etc. to communicate with loved ones and angel guardians.