Apatite – What lies within the mysterious depths of our emotions?

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Apatite – What lies within the mysterious depths of our emotions?

This mineral allows for a deeper dive into the reflection of oneself, seeking self-insight and inner clarity, revealing what lies within the shadows of our personality.  Apatite can pull you out of mental or emotional fog to allow you to break free from your inhibitions. Apatite will assist you in your search for “freedom” as it keeps you attuned to planning what’s next in your life, motivating your spirit to go out and conquer your wishes.

Apatite is an excellent crystal for healing the blockages within the Twin-flame Journey. When working with Apatite in meditation, it has the ability to bring the shadow side of the divine masculine or feminine to the forefront to be healed and released – exposing the mirror effect of the Twin-flames.  The intensity of the mirroring effect with Twinflames at times can be overwhelming.  What you feel, they feel and vice versa.  Apatite will bring you a better understanding that the emotions you are feeling are those of your Twin-flame. This is because your Twin-flame has the ability to bring your shadow side to the surface, reflecting it back at you for you to become your true self. Pairing this mineral with Rhodochrosite in meditation will allow the releasing of the emotional blockages to bring synchronicity to the Twin-flame relationship.

Apatite is a masquerade of a mineral often mistaken for other minerals. (Lapis Lazuli or Fluorite, for example).  This tendency is reflected in the mineral’s name, which is derived from the Greek word απατείν (apatein), which means “to deceive or to be misleading”.  The mineral was named apatite by the German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1786.  

Apatite is a well-travelled mineral found in numerous regions worldwide: Brazil, Mexico, Czech Republic and Canada, to mention but a few. The appearance of Apatite was even discovered in Moon-rock, collected by astronauts during the Apollo program. Re-analysis of these samples in 2010 revealed water trapped in the mineral as hydroxyl, leading to estimates of water on the lunar surface at a rate of at least 64 parts per billion. If the minimum amount of mineral-locked water were hypothetically converted to liquid, it would cover the Moon’s surface in roughly one meter of water.

Apatite is available in a beautiful range of blue/green colours, from dense blues to transparent greens. There is also a yellow/green form known as asparagus Apatite.

We would love to hear from healers that have worked with this mineral to share your experiences as each, and every one of us seems to have a unique journey when working with this mineral. I personally love the way it draws out hidden emotions and feelings, giving us the power to push boundaries and break through our own fears.

Immerse yourself into the depths of this mineral to see what it can reveal for you! 

Guest Blog Written by Psychic Medium Ellen Alexandria – Simply Mystical