All About Gemini

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All About Gemini

Our quick witted and highly intelligent Gemini friends can be completely transfixing. Their sharp minds can easily flit from one thing to another, weaving a wonderful story or facts, opinions and anecdotes that will have you fascinated. But you could have a job to keep up! Just when you think you have a grasp of where they are going, they are off on the next thing, always one step ahead.

The Gemini energy is very much one of duality. As represented by the twins, you will often find those born under this sign carrying two opposing parts of themselves. These opposites require a careful balancing act and Geminis can be a great teacher to the juxtaposition of duality within all of us.

Highly social creatures, Gemini is never short of a party invite (or ten!). Their jovial, upbeat nature and their ability to engage with others make them the ideal social guest. But be warned, they can have a short attention span and if they become bored within a given situation, they will be off to the next without a second thought!

In fact, Geminis do not appreciate anything that is particularly fixed or rigid. Try to tie they down to something mundane and you will unlikely succeed. Variety, adventure and new experiences are the things that keep them feeling alive and it is those things that they will spend a lifetime seeking.

All About Gemini

Geminis tend to leave a mark on anyone they meet but they can be very flighty and superficial, casting initial judgements rather than looking below the surface of things and people.

In a nutshell, Geminis are bright, social creatures, brimming with energy and vitality. They are social butterflies that prize knowledge, intellect and the communication of ideas in the highest regard. Natural explorers and adventurers, they are fascinated by all the wonders of the world but often struggle to stay focussed on any one thing. Routine and boredom are their biggest fears!

All About Gemini

Crystals For Gemini Energy

Celestine – Helps to stabilise Geminis sometimes erratic and fast paced energy.

Emerald – Encourages Gemini to look beyond superficiality via kindness & compassion.

Chrysocolla – Helps to calm duality.

Blue Lace Agate – Encourages Gemini to communicate more calmly and gently.

Tigers Eye – Provides balance and helps to overcome stubbornness.