Time to Declutter Your Mind!

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Time to Declutter Your Mind! 

We have been focusing this week on crystals that can assist you in a big spring clean. With the lighter nights approaching, we all like to refresh our homes and prepare for Spring. But how often do we apply the same premise to our minds? After all, is ‘mind clutter’ a barrier to moving forward and progressing down the path of happiness and fulfilment.

We know that physical clutter in the home, attic, garage or office can weigh on us far more that we realise. As the saying goes, ‘tidy space, tidy mind’, and I for one can relate to this as I’m sure you can too on some level.

On the other hand,  when are minds are cluttered, whether that be with fears, guilt, doubt or any other situation that is causing us unease, it becomes incredibly difficult to retain the focus and energy required to live our lives to the fullest.

Is your mind feeling cluttered? Consider these:

  • Accept What Is – Being in a space of acceptance is a truly powerful thing. Not everything is in our immediate control but if we can learn to accept where we are, that is the first step to change. I have found the following mantra useful in this particular scenario – ‘Everything is exactly as it’s meant to be right now’. Acceptance isn’t about non-action. If for example, you would like to lose weight, being at peace with how you are now whilst making the necessary steps to actual lose weight, will make the process much easier. Acceptance will give you peace and in peace you will find it much easier to move forward.
  • Let Go of What Was – The past is the past. It doesn’t matter what mistakes or bad decisions you have made along the way, dwelling on this cannot serve you on any level. We can learn from the past but we cannot change it, therefore reliving past situations or experiences which bring up negative feelings in us is futile. From the vantage point of ‘now’ we are actively creating what will unfold in our lives next. If energetically we are stuck in a loop of damaging past experiences, we become a magnet for more of the same. Use the present wisely.
  • Choose Faith Over Fear – We all know how damaging fear can be. Fear is actually a lack of faith in something better happening. In fear you are literally allowing yourself to expect the worst outcome. We all have fears in some form or another but bringing our awareness and consciously choosing something different over them is key. The law of attraction states that if we focus on our fears, we are drawing those very things to us. The universe is indiscriminate in that sense. We come into alignment with that which we put out energetically, good or bad. Rather than allowing yourself to get swallowed up by fear, recognise it and change the way you look at the situation. Expect the best, have faith and you are permitting the best outcome to come to you.
  • Relinquish Control – Sometimes we can get so hung up on controlling situations or outcomes that great things literally pass us by. The real beauty of this energetic universe is that there are infinite ways in which we can reach a given dream or goal. If we focus on the dreaded how’s too much, we could miss the signs and synchronicities that offer us a quicker, better or fuller route to where we are heading. Follow the flow, let go of rigidity and allow yourself to be guided along. If you stay focused on the result rather than how you intend on getting there, truly magical things could happen.
  • Be Kind To Yourself – We are spiritual beings, having a human experience. We make mistakes, our judgement isn’t always great and we all lose our way or get things wrong. This is ok, it’s simply part of what it is to be human. We are in a constant process of learning and developing so it’s really important to be kind to ourselves. Try not to put yourself down or berate yourself for things that are not in your control anymore. Show yourself some compassion, understanding and kindness. You deserve it.

Why not try taking some time over the coming weeks to really invest in decluttering your mind. Consider all the points above and think about how you can actively make steps to free your mind.

Do you struggle with acceptance?

Are you stuck in the past?

Caught in fear?

If you break all these things down and examine the situations and circumstances where you could take a different perspective, you could be giving yourself the gift of freedom.

When we invest in decluttering our minds, we set ourselves free.

It is in this freedom that we can truly step into our own greatness.