Healing With Amethyst

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Healing with Amethyst


I am often asked what is healing with crystals?


Healing is different things to different people but for me, simply put it is releasing pain and stress. Crystals talk to your DNA strands, subtly, gently moving energy around the body and stimulating self-reflection.

When you stop beating yourself up and begin the process of self-discovery and develop your healing skills, you can often find out for yourself the root cause of your distress and concerns. I believe crystals are the catalyst of the healing process. You must believe and trust because miraculous things can happen when the right crystal finds the right person.


How do I use crystals for healing is often the next question?

There are many ways to use crystals for healing and here we are going to look at a few ways to work with Amethyst the purple quartz.

Amethyst is known for is beauty and used to tap into the collective unconscious. It is a great crystal for use in psychic development, for astral travel, for dreamers, for seekers of knowledge, or those wishing to explore the spiritual realms. Amethyst aids the communication with spirit guides for those wishing to communicate with loved ones or angels. It helps to open the third eye and this powerful crystal facilitates the transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal levels.


Try some of these ways to work with Amethyst.

Holding Amethyst to meditate with is useful for opening the third eye, creating tranquillity and a sense of calm. Amethyst is great for sensitives, psychics, carers, mothers, and empaths to help them with their emotional body and learning about their gifts.

Keeping Amethyst in the workplace or home will induce a calming energy. Do not forget to wash it regularly, hold and stroke the crystal when you pass by or each time you notice it. Amethyst has a gentle nurturing feminine energy that naturally nourishes and calms.

An Amethyst elixir. Many crystal therapists believe that an Amethyst crystal placed in a glass of water will create a powerful elixir. The associated metaphysical healing properties from the crystal are infused with the water. You may benefit from drinking energy-infused water. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used medicine water for thousands of years. Wash your crystals and squeeze them before putting them in your drinking water. Be careful not to use tiny ones that you could accidentally swallow.

Wearing an Amethyst crystal as a piece of jewellery is probably the most popular and preferred celebration of the crystal. This keeps the energy of the crystal close to your body. Every-time it brushes across your skin or you catch a glimpse of it resting on your finger you are reminded of the potential healing qualities and beauty. Stimulating positive thoughts.

You can also squeeze the purple quartz releasing the piezoelectricity of the crystal. The same piezoelectricity that is released in a quartz watch and found in tiny amounts within your DNA. This pure, purple energy healers and shaman have long known can help release stress within the body and stimulate a healing process.

Amethyst quartz crystal can be held directly on the body. During meditation place on the third eye or throat chakra position your Amethyst here will accelerate a strong connection to spirit.

I have also used Amethyst in shamanic healing practises. A collection of crystals are placed around the body in the shape of an oval or sacred egg.

There is something very symbolic about the shape of an egg it represents Ostara and new beginnings. I have used some powerful visualisations wrapping the body in white light or chakra colours forming the shape of an egg. This practice is used for protection, for releasing anxiety and stress, and for when you are feeling vulnerable.

The idea of placing stones around the body is not a new concept. It has been used magically for centuries. A stone circle is used for celebrations, a temple and for honouring the Gods. If you are far from home or loved ones and you feel displaced, unanchored, insecure, or unsettled placing natural stones around the body in a circle or egg shape can be beneficial. It helps to bring your energy in towards the body. It grounds you and feels protective and, it gives you a place to stand. A sacred place to be!


I would like to share with you a ritual I often use with Amethyst.


For a full Shamanic Healing, you will require.

Five white or Amethyst coloured candles with stands or containers for safety.

A lighter

Some meditation music

A bottle of water

Amethyst crystals tumbled or natural points.

For this shamanic crystal healing you can use 13 tumbled stones. However, as a therapist or practitioner, I would prefer to use 13 natural Amethyst points.

These can be kept in a pouch and once programmed for use they will be ready for whenever you need them.


Follow these simple steps to set up a healing for yourself, if you are a crystal therapist you can set this in motion and then then hold the energy for your client.

First, physically cleanse the area you are going to be working in. Then energetically cleanse the area with smudge sticks, singing bowl, or prayers you may have a personal method you feel more comfortable with.

Play some soothing background music or nature sounds.

Secondly, place your Amethyst crystals in an egg shape around you, starting at the north point on a compass. Work slowly going anti-clockwise and before you position each crystal into place, squeeze the crystal then take it up to your lips and gently blow on it. This is the secret to the healing. As you work you will be placing your intention on every Amethyst crystal and by squeezing each one you will be releasing the energy of the crystal.

You can use as many crystal points as you wish but remember to focus your intention on every crystal point.

Thirdly, you can light your candles and place them at the north point of your egg shape, place the others around the egg on the points of a pentagram. Image the Leonardo da Vinci proportions of man image. For safety place them outside your crystal egg shape.

Position yourself in the centre of your crystal egg facing north.

Centre yourself and take three deep breaths allowing the oxygen to expand into your chest and flush your entire body. Try to control your breathing and get into a gentle rhythm.

Finally, allow yourself to drift away. Let all thoughts that come into your being pass through you. Do not give them energy by holding onto them or trying to rationalise them. You will begin to feel pulled by strands of energy opening your aura. You may feel that you are drifting away from the room and journeying. Relax and know that you are safe in your sacred egg.

Drift, travel, experience whatever the sacred egg wishes to show you. Relax and enjoy.

You will know intuitively how long you need to stay in this position, experiencing your sacred Amethyst experience. For some the first time they do this, it is a matter of minutes. Others fall asleep.

When you feel ready it will be time to take a drink of water and bring yourself back into the room. You have experienced expansion in an anti-clockwise direction and now is the time to change the crystals to face a clockwise direction.

As before squeezing each crystal taking them up to your lips and use your breath of life to activate them. Replace them into the clockwise direction of your egg.

Once again, allow yourself to drift away. Let all thoughts that come into your being pass through you. This time you will find yourself so much more relaxed.

The energy around you will feel a little different. You will feel a sense of being nurtured, loved, and swaddled. You will feel calm and whole. Allow yourself to experience what it is that your Amethyst crystals want you to know. Images and pictures may come to you. A deep sense of knowing will flow into you. You may connect with your loved ones. You may feel the presence of those you have lost, or you may feel the light of angels surrounding you.

Knowing all the time you are safe. Being held by the energy of the crystals you can be free to explore these thoughts and feelings. Do not rush anything. Take your time and examine everything the crystals show you.

When you are ready return to the sacred space you created. Your energy will be centred, you will feel light and invigorated. Be kind to yourself and allow the experience to settle in. Drink lots of water to refresh yourself.


You can repeat this healing as often as you need. It can have a phenomenal effect on the emotional, spiritual, and physical body.

Enjoy your experiences with Amethyst. It is a beautiful crystal and there is so much we can learn from it.


Blessings Marianna