Cultivating Positivity – Start As You Mean To Go On!

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Cultivating Positivity – Start As You Mean To Go On!

Are you a morning person?

I can imagine most of us are not enthused by the Monday morning alarm but still, how do you feel when you wake up?

Are your mornings chaotic and stressful or do you methodically ease into the beauty of the day?

Your morning rituals are setting the precedent for the rest of the day.

If you have a particularly stressful morning, notice how long it can take to shake that feeling. It might even last for the entire day! So when we look at cultivating positivity in our lives, and all that brings, what better place to start than the way we approach our morning.

Start as you mean to go on right?

I know it’s easier said than done during these cold winter months. A few more minutes under the blankets with the alarm on snooze is probably the option most of us would go for. But if you really are serious about bringing lasting positivity into your world, then why not make a commitment, if only for a week, to get up a bit earlier and try some of these simple things.

It could change your whole outlook!:

  • Meditation (or actually, simple breathing exercises). Meditation doesn’t need to be all about zoning out for half an hour and becoming at one with the universe. Sometimes meditation is simply mindfulness. Spending even a couple of minutes deep breathing in the morning will help you to become grounded in your body and more ready to face the day ahead.
  • Movement. I was tempted to put Yoga here but that isn’t necessarily everyone’s bag. Five minutes dancing around your bedroom to your favourite cheesy tune will do it too (I should know!). Movement is about shaking up energy, letting go of your sleeping state and declaring to the universe that you are here and now, in body and mind.
  • More movement. If you are someone that does a morning workout, ensure you do it with gusto! Really hit it hard, get your heart rate pumping and all those happy chemicals flowing around your body.
  • Take me time. Ensure you have time to eat breakfast and enjoy a cuppa. It may seem like a luxury you can ill afford in the morning but if you get up early enough, anything is possible. You are worth it and you should ensure that you make that statement to universe by giving yourself time to be nourished in the morning.
  • Prioritise your day! Most of us can have hundreds of things running through our heads at any one time and sadly, this can often mean we can be very busy but actually get very little done. Be clear on the things that actially need to be done today and the things that can wait. Giving yourself a clear focus will improve not only your productivity, but also your state of mind.
  • A change will do you good. Why not through your usual routine out the window and do something different. It could simply be taking a different route to work. Routine can often mean auto pilot and when we are in that mode, we can miss much of the magic around us.

Embracing your mornings are a great way to nurture positivity in your life.

So what are you waiting for? Time to set that alarm!