Connecting With Your Angels

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Connecting With Your Angels

So many of us dread this time of year. The longer, darker nights that follow the festivities of Samhain. For some, there is the fear of loneliness with more time spent inside, for others it might be the remnants of the energy surrounding the thinning of the veil; the other dimensions seem much closer.

This is a period of greater introspection, we turn inside our homes, and often ourselves to contemplate the winter months before us.

This however is a very powerful time spiritually.

While the veil is thin, we are able to communicate more freely with our Angels and Guides and in doing so, gain great insight into our path and any difficulties we may be facing. It’s a wonderful time to consider where we have been and where we are going next.

Here we have put together our top tips for connecting with your Angels.

  • Create a Sacred Space & Shrine: Angels dwell in the divine so creating a space that embodies this will support you. Light candles, play soft beautiful music, burn incense; whatever creates the right environment for you. Gather angelic items or crystals that will help to hold your intention and send out the message that you are ready and willing to accept your Angels guidance.
  • Clear your inner and outer spaces: You will probably be aware of using sage to smudge rooms and spaces and purify the energy for psychic work. Clearing your inner space is equally important. Before connecting with your angels, breathe deeply and spend a few minutes relaxing your mind and body. Visualise brilliant bright white light flooding through you from the crown chakra, purifying your energy and releasing any negativity that you might be storing within.
  • Ask!: Your angels are always there, but we can’t just assume their help and guidance; we must ask for it.
  • Be Clear: Try and become clear in your motivation and intention. The clearer we can be with what we require, the stronger the energy will be that supports your connection to your Angels.
  • Hand it all over: When you are ready to ask for guidance, be prepared to hand over all your concerns and fears to your angels. Trust. Believe with your heart and soul that the answers will come to you in true divine timing. Your answers may be instant, but they also may not. Know that they will come to you at the perfect time.
  • Be Grateful: Offer deep gratitude and appreciation to your angels for always being there.

Remember, angels show their presence in many ways. As you develop working with your angels, you will start to recognise the ways in which they may reach out to you. This could be through sight, smell, music, words or synchronicities that guide you forth.

The possibilities really are endless.