The Power of Self-Acceptance

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The Power of Self-Acceptance

Did you know that the question ‘How do I accept myself for who I am?’ ranks in the top 10 most asked ‘how to’ questions in Google in the UK?

Self-acceptance is something many of us struggle with. Deeply rooted self-criticism is a burden we really need to learn to release as it serves no useful purpose. Acceptance is not about avoiding self-improvement, there is certainly a time and place for that but why not try it from a space of celebrating all that is magnificent about you now?

Set a clear intention to move forward with your life rejoicing in the full wonderfulness that is you. Imagine just how different the journey could be when you approach it this way. As with all things, energy becomes more powerful when we put our intention on it. If we are travelling our paths full of self-criticism, those things will become magnified, affecting our ability to be confident and attract the things in life we really want. Walk the same path with a sense of appreciation and joy for who we are and we are creating a very different platform for our manifestations.

Self-acceptance is about living for today – not some seemingly distant future where we reach our desired weight/get that promotion/earn enough etc. Appreciate yourself today and that energy will infiltrate into all other areas of your life, paving the way for the amazing things that are on their way to you.

Celebrate Your Strengths – Focus on all the things you are good at and the things you really do like about yourself.

Practice Self Forgiveness & Kindness – We can be so much harder on ourselves than anyone else is. Forgive yourself for your mistakes (you are learning), be kinder to yourself (you deserve kindness).

Be Aware of Those Around You – Surround yourself with people that appreciate you and see and celebrate your strengths. Anyone who is full of unnecessary criticism is likely to make the job of self-acceptance harder!

Do Little Things To Make You Feel Good – From the vantage point of self-acceptance, you will see that you really do deserve the best. Take time out for the things you love, and make positive life choices to enhance the feel good factor.

Remember, you are a miraculous and wonderful being, brimming with qualities, quirks and passions that are unique to you. Today and going forward, choose to see the real wonder of YOU.