Larimar and my romance with Neptune

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My romance with Neptune King of the deep.

I have long felt the association between King Neptune and Larimar. Being able to tap into water energy is perfect for when I need to self-heal. The strength of Neptune with the subtleness of Larimar combined is a powerful and gentle healing experience. The energy of Neptune, planet or King, provides a safe place for releasing emotions.

I have always used Larimar at this time of year between Imbolc 1st of February and Ostara 19th-22nd of March, and with Neptune featuring strongly in my astrological chart, I can easily tap into its potent healing energies.

For all those who feel emotionally raw or have a strong connection to Neptune, they will find working with Larimar can bring about peace and emotional balance.

People working with Neptune energy have a serious advantage. They have a sensitive open heart and are hugely empathic. However, they can experience a tsunami of emotions and be left feeling exhausted and depleted. I recommend Larimar to bring about peace, balance and emotional stability.

My romance first started with Neptune when I experienced the pain of loss and grief. With my pain so wounding and deep I was unable to breathe. Neptune spoke to me, his energy saved me from drowning in my own emotions. He gifted me with the knowledge of Larimar, calling me to hold on tight and release my suffering. Feeling the pull of a turbulent sea, a gigantic tsunami of emotions as huge as Neptune himself the Larimar he gifted soothed my soul. It resonated with my inner being opening the door to understanding my place in the great unknown. From the aqua waters of the Caribbean steeped in the mysteries surrounding the fall of Atlanta Larimar emerged with the promise of extraordinary healing powers. These Properties of Atlantan origin bring healing to the emotional body by balancing it with the mental body. Linking these two bodies together healing comes through stabilising the emotional body whilst integrating the analytical mind.

Perhaps having faced a challenging year you may feel drawn to Larimar. It may be subtly calling you or banging you on the head to get your attention. You might not have any idea why, but perhaps your romance with Neptune is about to begin!
Big, Bright Blessings Marianna