Healing with Turquoise

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Healing with Turquoise


Turquoise has been used in healing for many years and for many reasons for example it is used to lift depression and stop panic attacks. By holding or wearing Turquoise, it can turn a bad day around. Turquoise has a slow, calming influence that helps to stop anxiety from rising and turning into an intensive episode of significant distress. It can temper anger, annoyances and irritability. It helps alleviate worry, misgivings, restlessness, tensions, anguish, edginess and general feelings of sadness or foreboding. Turquoise works particularly well with Kunzite or Lepidolite for depression. They make a great combination to lift the spirit and calm the body.
Turquoise is a ‘profound master healer’ and revered as an aspect of the Divine Masculine.  Many indigenous Native Americans celebrate Turquoise as the ‘reflection’ of Father Sky.  They wear elaborate pieces of jewellery inlaid with pale blue stones to protect them during the night when the sky is dark. Also, during sacred ceremonies, when their spirit roams free, Turquoise is worn to protect their body while it rests inside the ‘Kiva’ or ‘sweat lodge’.In a medicine wheel, you can have Father Sky – Turquoise, Mother Earth – Jasper or Coral, Grandfather Sun – Herkimer Diamond or Sunstone, and Grandmother Moon – Black Moonstone or Larimar. So these are excellent crystals to invest in and collect for your medicine bag.

Turquoise is used for shamanic healing by many Native American tribes. It is a mineral used as currency and swapped as treasure beads. The Turquoise that is prized the most is ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Turquoise from the ‘Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona. The powder blue purity of this Turquoise is breathtaking. Sadly the mine is now closed, but there are supplies held by various traders released periodically in small quantities for the jewellery trade.
Energetically Turquoise helps in the absorption of all nutrients, strengthening the entire anatomy. It aids tissue regeneration and is a powerful protector against all environmental pollutants. (especially if used with Shungite) This crystal relates, in particular, to the throat chakra. It enhances creative expression, peace of mind and emotional balance. It promotes communication with both the physical and spiritual worlds and strengthens friendship and loyalty. Turquoise is used for its exceptional powers of psychic protection. However, it is advisable that to keep the energies of your Turquoise clear that you do not allow anyone but yourself to touch it.
How to do a simple medicine wheel ceremony.This ceremony could be done singularly by yourself or as a family or spiritual group.

You will need a smudge stick. A crystal to represent Father Sky – the first obvious suggestion would be Turquoise. You could use a Kyanite or Lapis if you don’t have Turquoise. A crystal representing Mother Earth – Jaspers, Coral, Agates, Geodes or Chrysocolla are all excellent choices.  A crystal to represent Grandfather Sky – a Herkimer Diamond or Sunstone are good choices. And, a crystal to represent Grandmother Moon – a Black Moonstone or a Rainbow Moonstone works well.
First, cleanse your space with a smudge stick, sound healing or use the way you feel most comfortable with. If using smudge, leave it burning in a safe dish or receptacle within your circle. Turn your mobile phone off and wear something that you would feel comfortable to sit on the floor or ground wearing. Steady your breathing and focus your intent.  
When ready, place your Turquoise in the position of east. That’s the position of the sunrise and father sky.  Place a piece of Jasper or Coral etc., for Mother Earth in the position of the west where the sunsets. Place a piece of Herkimer Diamond or Sunstone in the north for Grandfather Sky and a piece of Larimar or Black Moonstone in the position of south for Grandmother Moon. This is how you would honour the spirits of your ancestors, the directions and the elements. This can be a profound way of centring and rebalancing your emotions.

Take the smudge stick and waft the smoke around yourself, cleansing your aura. If in a group pass the smudge around for each to do their own. This will be felt not only around the body but also within the body. It can make a huge difference to the ceremony you are about to perform.
Next say or chant a little prayer or gratitude up to the ancestors. It can be very basic. Something like;
I give thanks to the Divine, my ancestors and loved ones – for all the things that make me who I am and all I can be.
Then add anything you feel grateful for in your life.

When you are ready turn towards – or in your mind’s eye – thank the direction of each direction, starting at West where the sun comes up and breathe that crystal into your being. In the direction of West think about the sun coming up each day and the turquoise positioned there. Talk to your crystals and let them make a connection with you. Turquoise is very illuminating and protecting. It shines light on what needs to be seen and it pushes out doubts and darkness. Allow your mind to embrace these qualities. Thoughts and images may come into your mind and flow through you. Allow your thoughts to come and go not trying to hang onto any of them.
When you feel it is time either turn to the position of East or in your mind’s eye picture facing the sunset. See it in the full blown glory of it’s magnificence. This is the position of Mother Earth; she is nurturing and safe. She teaches, encourages and provides sustenance and nourishment. Think about the crystals you have placed in this position.There are no coincidences, the crystals you pick are a reflection of what you feel and know. Chrysocolla are very female and nurturing so make an obvious choice. They are for fertility and healing the womb. Energetically they are used to relieve menstrual and premenstrual stresses and pain  and  by healers to balance the hormones. Jasper’s and Geodes are deep grounding and connecting to the earth. Spend a little time with Mother Earth and feel your connection to her and your place in all things.
When you feel it is time either turn to the position of the North or in your mind’s eye picture facing the north star. This is the position we are honouring the energy of Grandfather Sky. There is strength and a deep ancestry connection to him. Spend a little time thinking about the masculine side of your personality. The strength and focus you have deep within. Use this energy to change negatives to positives. Use this energy to drive through your plans and dreams. Think about your chosen crystal here. Sunstone is the crystal of changing negatives to positive, of channelling the sunshine energy of Ra. Sunstone held within the aura flushes the orange/red vibration through and around the aura surrounding the physical body with light. Even on a grey winters day, sunstone brings sunshine, hope and joy.

When you are ready and feel it is time either turn to the position of the South or in your mind’s eye picture facing the south. This is the direction of Grandmother Moon and is the wisdom of the Divine feminine. She holds the realm of  psychic communication, of speaking to spirit, connecting to loved ones, angels and guides. Think of the crystal you have placed there. Black Moonstone is for working in sync with the moon’s cycle, it helps to cut through your internal layers, shedding light on the thoughts and patterns you need to let go of in order to pave your pathway to peace, happiness and greatness of spirit. Black Moonstone has a gentle protective and grounding energy. Perfect for settling the emotions and releasing pent up frustrations. Spend some time with Grandmother Moon and when you feel ready settle into a comfortable position and allow your thoughts to defragment. Let all the jumbled up confusion drift away and slowly return your thoughts into the moment. When you are ready take three deep breaths and come back into the present space.

A Medicine Wheel can be anything you want it to be. Here we are using some ideas from the Native American culture. We are not intending to embrace them in entirety. We are borrowing some of the concepts and using them in a way that makes sense for a simple construction in an offering of gratitude and healing. It is simplified and I shall always be grateful for their teachings. It reminds us of the four directions and facets of our spiritual body, our emotional body, our physical body and our mental body. Subtly we are moving away from a negative place into a place of gratitude, hope and positivity. We begin to reinstate balance and harmony in our lives.

Big bright beautiful blessings to you all.

Love Marianna ❤️