Healing with Citrine

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Healing with Citrine

I love Citrine! The colour is naturally attractive and uplifting. It is positive, energetic and clears up mental fog. Citrine can lift a grey day or mood. The radiance from this gorgeous Quartz envelopes your entire aura nourishing you with positivity and happiness. You cannot help but smile holding or wearing luxurious pieces of this sunshine yellow quartz crystal.

Natural Citrine is becoming rare. I have seen the supply of natural Tibetan Citrine dry up almost completely. Tibetan Citrine has been my ‘go to’ Citrine for all our healing courses. Tibetan Citrine has a delicate brilliance and a purity of energy, this is still my favourite Citrine to heal with.

Madagascar Citrine is still available with a beautiful, snappy energy. It is alive and fiery. Madagascan Citrine can come in multi shades of yellow gold right through to the pale smoky hues. I have a small collection of this natural Citrine as I consider it to be a wise investment. Any natural Citrine is becoming considerably rare.

I recommend Brazilian Citrine to showcase in your jewellery. Brazilian Citrine has a light from within that when cut and faceted into jewellery has a radiance. I host a beautiful collection of this Citrine in jewellery at Happy Glastonbury. It is from Brazil that some of the most flawless, eye clean specimens of Citrine are found.

Citrine comes from many other locations like Russia, Zambia, The Congo, Kazakhstan, and Uruguay.

Due to the rarity of natural Citrine, amethyst is often irradiated, and heat treated to achieve a good quality Citrine giving Mother Nature a helping hand. From a healing perspective if the crystal is not heated above the Curie Point, which for quartz is 573 degrees centigrade, then it will not harm the piezoelectricity within the crystal.

How to use Citrine for healing.

Citrine belongs to the quartz family, just like Amethyst, Smoky and Clear Quartz, Citrine has a battery like charge that we can access for healing. However, Citrine stands out as my preferred crystal for healing the sacral energy centre. Bringing light into your aura and dispelling any negative energy. To find out more about healing with Quartz crystals check out our recent Amethyst or Rose Quartz blogs.

In my experience Citrine is used for the treatment of, exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, dealing with emotional trauma, grief, stress, menopause, heartache, and any symptom that has got the solar plexus all knotted up. This is carried within the Aura. The aura is a huge energy field that expands out from the physical body. A healthy aura will stretch out five metres and more mixing and absorbing everything it touches. Everything you encounter that is every animal, tree, plant, person, place, or thing!

I would like to share with you a healing technique that is both simple and yet affective. Select a piece that fits comfortably in your hand, squeeze the crystal, blow your breath onto the crystal, and begin the healing by pulling the crystal through your aura. Holding your crystal and starting close to the body make long, gentle sweeps dragging your crystal through the aura. At first it may feel sluggish and dense but a few strokes later you will feel the difference. Keep going all around the aura. As you do this you will be untangling and dissipating heavy energy and allowing the light in. Work steadily around the physical body while gently breathing and focusing your intent. Never underestimate what even a few minutes of this exercise can achieve.

When you feel you have done as much as you can do for the first session place the piece of Citrine on the solar plexus and relax, focusing your mind and intent.

The solo plexus chakra deals with a lot of emotional baggage. Placing Citrine on this centre will bring light into your darkest emotional pockets of energy. Will force out the shadows of negative thought patterns and transmute this energy into something positive and wonderful. Citrine brings life, passion, creativity, and a yin/yang balance into an otherwise crazy world.

When you feel that you have received the healing from Citrine remember to give thanks to the Universal energies and remember to drink plenty of water. You can repeat this healing practice as many times as you need but I recommend you clear your aura at least once a week. Remember to keep this crystal in your healing pouch and used only for yourself.

Finally, place pieces of Citrine strategically around your home to bring joy and happiness. Citrine crystals can be used with Feng shui and change the whole energy of your home whilst creating harmony. My top tip for busy family’s is to place Citrine points in the kitchen and dining area, clearing negative energy and bringing happiness. Do not overlook the importance of placing crystals around the home. Generally Rose Quartz is used in the bedroom to create a loving environment for relaxing and unwinding in. However, Citrine is placed there in times of illness, disabilities and for recuperation.

Citrine is a golden ray of sunshine, irresistibly beautiful full of energy, new beginnings and new life.
If you are visiting someone in hospital take a gift of Citrine, if someone is feeling down take Citrine, if someone is moving to a new house take Citrine. If you need a gift and have no idea what to get take Citrine. Everyone at some point in their life will benefit from Citrine and we all need a little sunshine in our lives.

Sunshine blessing, Marianna