You cannot be a good healer unless you are whole yourself and to be whole you must be happy. To be happy, you must bring consciousness to your waking thoughts, actions and reactions; these will create your ‘feelings’. Our response mechanisms to life and all that it throws at us dictate how we process and/or harbour feelings.

The creation and processing of feelings will directly impact your ability to heal yourself and others.

They are your feelings.

Your responsibility.

Learn to own them before they own you.

Over the coming 12 weeks, I invite you to come on a journey with me. A journey where we harness the power of crystals and learn how to ‘heal the healer’. Whether you are interested in self-healing, or healing for others, this FREE 12 week course will help you begin or enhance your journey with crystal healing.

Remember, you cannot heal the world until you heal yourself.

Are you ready?


Like most people I have experienced good times and bad. Times of great happiness and yet also times of the deepest despair. Highs sometimes short lived and lows that cause deep suffering for what appears to be eternity.

It was during the lowest times when I felt the most disconnected that I was presented with the opportunities to learn the most.

Let’s face it; it is easy to be grateful when everything in your life is rosy. How much harder when weary, worn down with worry, tired, full of anger, grief or self-pity?

Tears are a relief, especially when young or new to suffering. But even tears stop with time and age. We learn that puffy eyes and thumping headaches only exasperate an already stressful experience.  Negativity only breeds more negativity. And, the lower your vibration becomes the harder it is to bring it back up.

It may be comforting to know that there is a point to the suffering and pain.

When it is happening and whilst in the middle of it, life can seem chaotic. Your world may be torn apart and you frantically search to make sense of it all. And just when you should really be paying attention to your own needs with love, care, rest and nutrition, it is the very time it seems impossible to do that. This is usually because we try to control the situation instead of flowing with it. We actually hold onto the pain in order to resist what is happening.

I remember when I was in labour with my first child and the closer I got to the delivery the more I held my breath and waited until the pain eased. By the time I eventually gave birth I held my breath and pushed so hard my son was delivered in two minutes. The third and final stage of labour was over in one held breath.  If only everything in life could be resolved in one held breath. However my face and neck were covered in tiny blood spots and the memory of so much pain never left me.

It became my echo and subsequent pregnancies and news of other mothers giving birth still remind me of my first experience and the suffering. No one told me to breathe. No one told me to pant and control my breathing whilst journeying through the pain. This is the interesting thing though, I was not holding onto the pain because I was resisting the birth, I was holding onto the pain because I wanted the pain to stop. I had no idea of how to stop the pain and so I held my breath. The labour which was what the pain was all about flowed whether I held my breath or not. Baby was coming and he came, if I had breathed perhaps I would not have felt so much pain.

Pain is the body’s way of telling the mind that something is happening or wrong and that steps need to be taken. Looking back over my life those were the times I should have breathed, flowed and said ‘Thank you for the message’.

Pain comes in many forms and can affect us in many ways. Simply being unhappy can be pain in itself. To fully embrace the process of healing ourselves, we must become aware of our thoughts, reactions and feelings. In our day to day lives, we often think and feel on autopilot without bringing a real sense of mindfulness to this process.

Try these two simply exercises to help bring your full awareness to how you are really thinking and feeling. You may be surprised at just how enlightening they are.


On a piece of paper make a table of times through the day like this;

Breakfast (or 8am)

lunch time (or 1pm)

evening meal time (or 6pm)

bed time (or 10pm)

Now ask yourself this simple question and answer honestly ‘Am I happy’. Write your answer next to the time. Do this for a period of about a week and it must include a weekend.

Answers such as ‘I am happy as I can be under the circumstances’ or ‘I’m too busy to be happy’ mean no. So only answer yes if you are truly happy.

After the first week analyse your answers. If you have a large amount of yes’s then at the moment you are in a good space. If the yes’s are few and far between, then re-evaluate your week.

Why were you not happy?

Was it certain places or times of the day or week that upset you?

Was it certain tasks or responsibilities that upset you or was it certain people?

This simple little exercise can be very revealing.


Using the same list from the first exercise, make a note of every time during the day you feel challenged or angst. For example, things not getting done at the speed you wanted – electrical or IT equipment not working or stalling – people not picking up the phone – sales calls – traffic lights – queues at check outs or counters.

Now add to those ‘diversions or delays’; accidents, people off loading, being taken for granted. There are endless situations during the day when you can be thrown off centre emotionally.

When you start this second list you will probably think that maybe once or twice a day something occurs and you feel stressed or challenged. However after a week if you have been honest with yourself you will realise that you are constantly challenged and your buttons are pushed regularly.

As I have already said, you cannot be a good healer unless you are able to heal yourself. The first step in healing is to become mindful and aware of your thoughts, reactions and feelings. These two exercises can be the start of this process.

The response you have to things that cause you stress and angst dictate the feelings that you have and harbour. It is these same feelings that can heal or harm you and others. Feelings have energy just like everything else in our universe so now is a very good time to take control of them, because if you don’t they will control you.

Taking back control starts with realising that you can.

The next step is in understanding the chain of events that can start with something quite small and insignificant perhaps to others, but is of potential enormous affect and consequences to you.

So how can you change an extremely stressful, angry and destructive feeling?

A feeling that you send out to the universe with so much force and venom that it will cross galaxies?

A feeling that will expand out like a rubber band until it reaches an ultimate point when it halts and returns hurling everything and more right back at you?

You transmute it.

You need to get rid of it and quickly.

You can’t bury it as it will keep coming back up time and time again. You must allow yourself to feel and acknowledge it and then break it down. Dissipate it once and for all. It only has hold over you if you let it. It has energy so don’t let it feed on your energy and grow.

Fight back. Take back control.

First if possible, jump, bounce, spin, run, and dance; in fact anything that burns energy. Take energy away from it and burn it off. If that’s not possible channel that energy into doing something constructive. Sweep the drive you have been meaning to do. Go and get the shopping for a disabled neighbour or clean your mothers shed out; anything that takes your mind off the ‘feeling’.

This is mindfulness. This is constructive instead of destructive.

Another way of transmuting negative energy is to think of someone you truly love. This someone can be a lover, partner, relative, child or parent including a deceased love one or pet. The most important thing is that you really know the feeling of unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the strongest and most potent healer.

Find that feeling, hold onto that feeling and feel that feeling.  Let’s call that your happy vibe. You cannot feel angry or stressed feeling the happy vibe. The happy vibe puts a fire blanket over the fire and extinguishes the flame.


Crystals can be powerful allies in our healing journeys. This 12 week course is going to explore three crystals and how these can be used in your own personal healing. We will begin with Selenite, believed to be one of the most powerful healing crystals around. Over the coming weeks you will receive a full introduction on how and why to use this crystal, an empowering meditation to listen to and other ways to use Selenite to expand your personal healing journey.