Tumbled Selenite


Selenite is a member of the Gypsum family. It is the colourless, transparent variety. Sometimes formed in ‘fish tails’ that are particularly spectacular to behold and marvel at. It is believed that in this form, it is one of the most powerful healing stones used.

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Selenite calms the overexcited, clears the mind gently of troubles and instils peace. Kept near you, it reduces wrinkles and tension of the brow. It stabilises one’s emotions and opens the door to past-life memories which enable us to take stock of our situations – if only to reassure us that we are not repeating the same lesson. For example: If we spend one lifetime coming to terms with, say, the lesson of self-worth – and then we reincarnate without ever really coming to terms with the lesson, then the lesson is repeated. The lesson becomes harder each time until the spirit truly understands. This is the difference between accepting and really ‘knowing’.

Satin Spar – is Selenite that has a fine grain and lustre – sometimes with a pearly, powdery finish. Some harder forms of this are known as Alabaster. This form of Selenite is useful during pregnancy when the emotions run high. It is a good balancer and teaches patience. It also calms hormones and emotions during breastfeeding and is therefore welcome in any nursery area.  Conveniently, it works on stretch marks too!