Full Moon Report – 28th June 2018

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The full moon on 28th June 2018 will be dominated by a powerful conjunction to Saturn retrograde. This could bring a seriousness to how you experience your emotions, potentially creating a level of distance within your intimate relationships.

There are two positive ways of viewing this time and it is worth giving this some consideration leading up to the full moon. Perhaps spend some time in meditation, reflecting on your intimate relationships and see how you are guided.

On the one hand, if you experience restriction, inhibition or sadness, is this the universe telling you that you are ready for change? Sometimes in life, being pushed out of our emotional comfort zone is a sign that we are ready to break free from the shackles of things and those holding us back. We experience this level of uncomfortability so that we can finally realise what we do or do not want. Although it can feel difficult at the time, it is in this space that we can finally move forward and experience a level of freedom that we may have not previously thought possible.

On the other hand, the intensity of the Capricorn full moon could be stirring up drama and negative attitudes in otherwise strong and grounded relationships. This is an opportunity for all involved to use this as a period of growth that could potentially make these relationships even stronger if we choose to act with compassion and empathy.

Become aware of your actions and reactions. Are they coming from a place of fear? Rejection? Is this ‘real’ or is it due to the heightened lunar energies? Remember, we are all experiencing this full moon so we need to take care not to escalate situations that could otherwise be avoided by holding back and bringing a critical awareness to our emotions, thoughts and feelings.

The energy of the previous new moon will last up until the solar eclipse on the 12th July. This is a wonderful thing as it will underpin all the energy of the full moon with the potential of good fortune and lasting happiness.

Whether this full moon brings you a clarity in your relationships or an opportunity for positive growth, choose to act with compassion and kindness to yourself and others and you can be assured that whatever the outcome, it will be for your highest good.