Falling Into Our Place

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Falling into our place

It sometimes takes the feeling of everything falling apart before we realise that everything is actually falling into place.

A statement that comes up time and time again is ‘I am searching for my purpose, I can’t figure out what it is I am supposed to be doing’. Well, that really is something each must figure out for themselves but this is what I was told.

Imagine a huge tapestry hung against a huge wall. The image on the tapestry can be anything you wish it to be but for arguments sake I am going to say it is a picture of a forest path. In my picture there are large trees in the foreground in sunlight and many trees behind in shade. Most the picture is in earth tones with highlights where the sun shines dapping through the leaves onto the path. The picture depicts springtime with foliage on the ground beginning to awake. Primroses and bluebells kiss the edge of the path and lime green ferns under the trees push their way through the bracken in a splash of colour. When you look closer you can see squirrels skirting the trees and an assortment of birds flying, nesting and resting. There is a little stream trickling over stones with rotten twigs diverting the water like a dam onto the path in the lower right hand corner. The overall picture is one of harmony.

Standing back looking at my picture it looks magnificent. I marvel at every stitch making up this masterpiece.

I back away from the tapestry and review the entire image as a whole. I walk to the far right and back to the far left before returning to the centre of the image. My picture still looks amazing however my eyes keep returning to the missing stitch. There are thousands of stitches in my tapestry in a multitude of earthen shades however there is a hole in the whole of my image that effects its entirety. Without the stitch the image is not complete. Without that one stitch the image is less then it could be as a whole. That one little stitch brings everything together.

My mother once told me that each of us are a little stitch that make up a much bigger picture. We may not be the centre of attention but we matter and have a place. We would be missed if we were not there. She said we need to find our place to stand and grow from there. Stance is very important, our stance defines us as individuals. Standing tall and being strong gives us roots. When we are grounded we have foundations which allow every move to come from a place of power and strength.

Knowing your place to stand within the big tapestry of life gives you your security. And, because the only security in life is no security then no matter which stitch you are at least you know you have a purpose and reason in the bigger picture. You may not be the person who invented the wheel or the light bulb. You may not be Bill Gates the founder of the Microsoft Corporation but none the less you have a place and are equally as important to the bigger picture. Moreover you would be missed should your stitch be removed.

Finding your place to stand is about being authentic to who you truly are. You may be a stitch in a leaf or the eye of a bee, you may be the sparkle on water or piece of bark. You make up one magnificent masterpiece. You belong to one crazy family of earthlings each looking for their own place to stand.

It sometimes takes the feeling of everything falling apart before we realise that everything is actually falling into place. Falling into our place. Our place in the beautiful tapestry of life where we stand and belong.