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Feeling Lucky?

Are you feeling lucky today?

If not, you may need to work on changing how you are feeling.

A 10 year case study was conducted to ascertain why some people are lucky and others not so. Working with 400 participants of all ages, researchers hit on something that we probably know inherently anyway – we create our own luck.

Luck comes from how we think and how we see things, not the circumstances that we find ourselves in.

The study showed that those considered ‘lucky’ displayed certain behaviours and thought patterns that were missing in the ‘unlucky’ participants.

A tendency to seize opportunities, a resilient attitude and focusing on the positive aspects of situations all contributed to the overall level of luck.

So the good news is, even if you are ‘feeling’ unlucky, this is in your power to change. You could simply start by repeating to yourself that you are lucky! But actually believing you are is where the real power lies.

Energetically we attract that which we are in alignment with.

A belief system which says ‘I am unlucky’ will produce just that.

So, if you really want more luck in your life, you must start believing that it’s there for the taking.

Using Garnet for Luck

This week we have been exploring the healing and metaphysical properties of Garnet. This incredibly versatile stone has been considered a talisman for good fortune and wealth throughout history.

Garnet can aid in your confidence, helping you with decision making and balancing emotional disharmony; all things that will impact on your perception of how lucky you are.

Carry a piece with you or wear it in jewellery and you can start to tap into the wonderful and empowering energy of Garnet, allowing you to align with your new lucky mindset.

Garnet, Viualisation & Change

As we have already said, to change your luck, you need to change the way you feel about luck.

Your own life experiences, conditioning and behavioural patterns and responses will all come into play here. Your belief system will have been formed on these things and it is your underlying belief system that is fundamental in whether or not you are lucky.

Visualisation can be a powerful tool in changing your beliefs.

Rather than the perceived ‘restrictions’ of the ‘real world’, in visualisation, we give everything up to ourselves as the creator. Here, we enter the realm of infinite possibility, or rather, it’s here that we can really believe that concept without being hindered by doubt.

Try the following visualisation exercise:

Hold a piece of Garnet in your hand and breathe deeply.

Close your eyes and allow your mind and body to relax.

Feel the crystal in your hand and imagine the energy of the crystal pulsating outwards, encompassing you.

When you feel in tune with your crystal repeat the following:

I trust in my power to create my own luck

I release all the things that are holding me stuck

I believe I am worthy of all I desire

There’s nothing in life I cannot acquire.

Now, imagine a situation where you have felt unlucky.

Rather than holding onto that feeling, imagine a positive way of viewing the situation. What did you learn that helped you grow? If the situation hadn’t happened, what constructive things in your life might not have followed? Like Edison once said, he didn’t fail, he found 99 ways to not make a light bulb.

Our ability to dwell on the positive of all situations, directly impacts on our luck.

Now imagine a situation that scares you.

Fear arises when we second guess what’s coming next. If you are scared of public speaking for example, it will most likely be because you are fearing a certain outcome if you do it. The fear itself is more often than not, worse than the imagined outcome.

In your mind, imagine yourself facing this situation with strength, calm and knowing. See yourself confidently embracing the situation and your fear dissolving away. Imagine a positive and celebratory outcome.

Our ability to feel the fear and do it anyway shows that we can seize opportunities. Another way that we directly create our own luck.

Finally, imagine a time when you felt really lucky.

Really allow yourself to feel all the things you were feeling at that time. Did you feel joy? Connection? Like you could conquer the world? Let your mind relive the experience and soak up all the positive emotion and thoughts from that time.

Our ability to recognise the thoughts and emotions that create luck will help us create more of the same.

When you have finished, thank your crystal for sharing its energy with you.

This visualisation exercise will help you to start embracing and changing the things that are preventing you from realising your luck.

If you try it regularly, you will find that you will naturally begin to focus on the positive aspects of your life, become more fearless and cultivate the emotions that facilitate the creation of luck in your life.

You lucky thing you.