Crystal Hunting – Rainbow Moonstone

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Crystal Hunting – Rainbow Moonstone

If you are drawn to Rainbow Moonstone remember things are never quite as they seem. Rainbow Moonstone is gentle and moody, it’s sultry and secret. Full of emotion, illusion, truth and teachings.

Rainbow Moonstone is white Labradorite technically and represents the light. You can wear it to attract light into your life. Rainbow Moonstone is gentle and works to attain one’s highest good. It helps you to be honest with yourself and not to harbour negative thoughts or emotions. It teaches the power of forgiveness and it promises new beginnings. Rainbow Moonstone as I have said is not what it seems.

I Look at a world made up not of continents but gemstone locations. It’s a fascinating image in the mind’s eye. And, although only small, one such location, Sri Lanka has more than its fair share of precious gemstones. With this thought in mind, I set off to visit Sri Lanka on a gem hunt many years ago. The objective, I thought, was to find new contacts for suppling my clients.

I wanted to explore the local gemstone mines and discover some of the crystals in their natural state. Sri Lanka was rich with gemstones. I thought this simple request would be easy.

Starting in Colombo I first did the tourist thing in getting to know the area. Visited temples, took the bumpy ride to the old capital of Kandy stopping on the way at the elephant orphanage. I tried to get a feel for the people of this beautiful island, their lives, struggles and successes.

I was now hungry for a gem hunt so the following day I was escorted by Hectari to what felt like a narrow street on the outskirts of Columbo. Full of excitement and expectation to see a rural mine I was surprised to be driven up to enormous gates and greeted by armed guards who ushered me into an armour-clad building with barbed wire wrapped in huge coils. The doors opened unexpectedly into an extraordinary glass reception. Huge bouquets of local fragrant flowers filled the air and a Sinhalese lady led me through to a lavish luxurious office. I looked to Hectari for reassurance but he remained in the glass reception room with the driver.

An elegant woman walked in from another door and greeted me. She was extraordinary. She held authority, breathed power from every pore in her skin. She terrified me! Everything in this building terrified me. The guns, the iron-clad walls, the interior full of opulence and wealth.

I remember thinking, breathe! Centre yourself. Subtle undertones of jasmine, gardenia, lotus and honeysuckle and a perfusion of sweet heady aromas filled the room.

The woman turned out to be a walking encyclopaedia on world gems and we talked for hours. She was very interested in the idea of the healing properties of gems and minerals and the association of crystals to chakra points.

This wasn’t the experience I had expected. I was presented with many plush soft white trays upon which many gorgeous stones that were mined and polished here in Sri Lanka lay.
The most captivating of all was the high domed cabochon Rainbow Moonstone. Cut to capture the very best of the adularescence in the stone. I was flabbergasted by the beautiful stone. I had initially asked for crystals in a natural state that I could use for crystal healing but she proudly told me that Sri Lanka was the only place that all seven precious gemstones were mined. That they had the very best quality gemstones in all of the world and her gemstones were the most exquisite in Sri Lanka all cut or faceted by her skilled artisans.

I was naturally speechless, feeling a little out of my depth but also captivated by her passion for gemstones and profound knowledge of precious stones. We chatted extensively for hours sharing our knowledge. On an island so resplendent of gems and so reliant on them for the economy the landscape should be heavy with machinery full of great gapping quarries. And yet, I had seen no evidence of this. The scenery in Sri Lanka is naturally beautiful so where are these precious gems mined from I wondered. It became apparent that the Sri Laken governments foresight in regulating the exploitation of its gems created eco-friendly work for generations. There is little evidence on the surface of any mining at all with most of the Rainbow Moonstone found in an exquisite underground seem found locally to Meetiyagoda.

Legend had it that the Moon blessed the land and her people. In honour of the Moons blessing the moonstone is mined by hand. The local miners believe that this is the secret of their wealth and prosperity.

After tea and a beautifully indulgent experience, I left graciously with five small Rainbow Moonstones.

That evening I reflected on my interesting day and chuckled to myself, knowing that Rainbow Moonstone resonates with the Moon and illusions. I sat on the veranda by the beach, listening to the waves lapping on the shore. The full moon rose high in the sky.

Wow…. My chuckle turned to laughter at my naivety, of course, it all made sense because the very quality of Moonstone had been revealed to me in my experience of finding her. My gem hunt didn’t bring home a wealth of crystals. Instead, I took home a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I have come to believe that the value of a gemstone is not in the price put on it but in discovering the story within the stone.