Your tribe isn’t necessarily the family in which your born into, it’s those around us that we feel we truly belong with. Finding your tribe will enrich your life experience and allow you to be who you really are. This week  we are reflecting on calling forth your tribe and a crystal collection that will help you do just that.

Finding your tribe requires some self-reflection. What is it that you could stand to gain be opening the doors to like-minded people in your life? Perhaps you have an interest in certain hobbies that would nourish your soul if you sought them out? Certain spiritual practices? Physical activities like yoga or hiking in nature that make you feel grounded and alive? By reaching an understanding of the things that are potentially missing from your life, you will start to pave the way for other people to enter your circle that share your passions.

Once you have an understanding of the activities/practices/hobbies that you would like to pursue, make an effort to research where you can begin to put this into practice. If you find that these activities are not available in your area, perhaps consider starting your own group or meet-up. There is something very powerful in signalling to the universe that you are ready for your tribe to come forward – taking action by flagging your intent to others and using your energy to create your heart’s desire could be life changing.

It’s important that we also learn to let go of judgement and be open minded to people and situations that we might usually turn away from. It is common for us to dislike people for example, because they actually highlight the things within ourselves that we don’t like. When we let go of judgement, we can start to see the good in all things and when we focus on the good, those things multiply. Try to see all people and situations through fresh eyes, whether they are old or new. Focus on the positives and see how your perception changes.

Remember to follow the flow of good feelings. If your intuition is guiding you forward to engage with people/activities/situations, be brave and follow through. It could simply be a hunch to start a conversation with a complete stranger in a coffee shop. You never know where the flow of synchronicity could take you if you step out of your comfort zone, be present and engage. That stranger could potentially change the entire trajectory of your life, believe me, it happens.

Now is the time to really call out to your tribe and call forth people into your life that will enrich, inspire and excite your journey. The more we make this our intent, the more we will become a natural magnet for those we are seeking. You will also find that in doing this you will naturally move away from or spend less time with people that physically and spiritually drain you.

Be courageous and put yourself out there, a world of magical and inspirational connections await you. Your tribe awaits you.

This Weeks Crystals

Crazy Lace Agate – Promotes happiness, joyful feelings, contentment & gratitude.

Apatite – Clears energetic blockages and allows one to overcome feelings of guilt. 

Cavansite – Promotes spiritual development and unites like minded people.

Dragonsblood Jasper – Brings wealth, love and family close. Helps people to work as a team.

Kammeririte – Helps you to see things as they really are and reveal hidden truths.