Cavansite gets is amazing colour from calcium vanadium oxide silicate and is found among the zeolite minerals we source from Poona, in India. It is known to encourage one’s psychic abilities stimulating mediumship, channelling, psychometry, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and flowdreaming.

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It aids the opening of the crown chakra whilst bringing the beautiful azure/indigo-purple colouring into one’s aura. If one is drawn to this crystal then they are being given a great gift of spiritual development, as it will fine tune their ESP and give them, with practise and patience, access to the akashic records.

This mineral helps to unite like minded people and encourages strong friendships and bonds to develop.

Many love to use Cavansite when dowsing and there are some pendulums that have a small piece of Cavansite on the top of them for this purpose.

When dowsing with Cavansite the mineral appears to turn a switch on, opening a portal between the professional dowser and the universal energies.