Be Kind to Yourself with Mango Calcite

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Be Kind to Yourself with Mango Calcite

Mangano Calcite, Manganoan Calcite or Mango Calcite as is commonly known, was first discovered in Štiavnica, Slovakia, in 1846.  It has since been found in the Cave of Swords, the second largest cave in the Naica Mine in Mexico; in Chihuahua state – Mexico, Peru, Madagascar, Romania, Russia, Japan and Bulgaria. There is debate amongst geologists about this pink minerals inclusion as calcite due to the high content of manganese (carbonate), giving the crystal calcite structure varying hues of pink. If strong content of manganese is present, it can give the crystal Calcite the appearance of Rhodochrosite. Each different location that Mango Calcite is found has its unique per cent of manganese content so that the Mango Calcite will be a variant of solid pink, baby pink or lavender-pink, depending on this.  

Mango Calcite is a gentle, calming crystal believed to aid one’s communication with the angelic realms by instilling a sense of peace and unconditional love. By bringing Mango Calcite into one’s aura, it will gradually ease frustrations and anxiety. Things that once made you feel stressed you become unemotional about and disconnected from. And, most importantly, you find your inner peace. When used in meditation, this beautiful sense of calm slows the metabolism and induces sleep. It is at this conscious state somewhere between drifting off to sleep and just before you awake that the Theta brain waves occur. This is the mysterious region between the subconscious and conscious worlds, and in these fleeting moments, in this Theta State, your mind expands – is drawn far into the fibres of the universe. During these miraculous moments, you can glimpse the world of spirit, talk to passed loved ones and communicate with your angels and guides. This is the state of mind that powerful healing can take place, physical, mental and spiritual. 

Mango Calcite brings your angels near even when you are too tired, exhausted or unaware that you need them. By stroking and holding the Mango Calcite, it warms, and the energy is picked up on the matrix, the delicate web that runs throughout the universe. It is sometimes just enough to feel that they are there. To know that they are close brings enormous comfort and support.

The self-love energy is vital within this crystal, and it teaches us to put our own needs at the forefront of the mind.  It permits one to think of themselves without guilt as it is only when body-mind and soul are at their best that one can give of its best. 

Mango Calcite is linked with kindness, love and respect. This crystal has become known as the ‘Be Kind’ crystal. 

Healers have noted that it has proved helpful in dealing with the symptoms of hyperactivity or low concentration and that children with autism are drawn to this mineral. Mango Calcite is calming and soothing to hold, and some use it with White Howlite to enhance their sleep-inducing energy.

Mango Calcite is a beautiful crystal to work with as a healer. It is gentle and giving and helps to put your client/patient at ease. I’ve noticed that if you give someone a piece of tumbled Mango Calcite to hold, they feel able to speak their mind. They feel brave enough to ask for help or let you know that they are not ok at the moment. There is so much KINDNESS energy in this crystal that it is simply a must-have in a therapy room or practice. 

Everyone at some time in their life needs a piece of this wonderful pink calcite healing crystal. 

Blessings, gentle souls,  Marianna Sheldrake