A Love Spell For The Courage To Love Myself

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A Love Spell for The Courage to Love Myself

One of the biggest barriers to receiving love from another comes from our inability to truly love ourselves. To love and accept oneself requires courage. The courage to let go of the fear of whether we are good enough and to stand tall and proud in the true magnificence of who we are.

Use this spell to help overcome the fear of being good enough, allowing you to love and accept yourself.

You will need:

A blue candle

A pen or a large pin

A piece of Aventurine (for courage and self-love)

Create your space and cast your formation. (see Love Magic Blog)

Using a pen or a large pin, write or carve the letters SL (for self-love) on the top of your candle. Place your candle in the centre of your circle.

Hold the piece of Aventurine in your hand.

Before you begin, recite the following affirmation:

Today I am choosing self-love over fear. I am aware that I can sometimes feel that I am not good enough and I know this comes from external experiences and does not represent the true essence of my inner being. I know that I am a truly unique and magnificent being and I deserve to offer myself the love that I freely give to others. I choose to release my fears and fully accept all that I am, have been and will be. I do this with love and compassion.

Light the candle and wait for the wax to melt down over the letters so that you can no longer see them.

As you are waiting for this to happen, recite the following incantation:

As the candle burns, so does my fear,

To the divine I ask you hear.

Give me courage, give me sight

Self-love and worth in me incite.

End with ‘And so it is’ or ‘Blessed be’

Close your formation. (See Love Magic Blog)

Your spell is now complete.