You have chosen FUN-LOVING!


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What your jewellery says about you!

We each express ourselves individually in a way that makes us feel comfortable and happy. Clothes – Hair – Make-up and Jewellery all say something about who we are. Did you know, however, that changing what you wear can change the way you feel, and the finishing touches of the jewellery can change everything?

Next time you go to pick your accessories, think about the statement you want to make today. Accessories can be broken down into three main categories; fun-loving, down-to-earth and classic-elegance.

Mystic topaz is a stunning, vibrant gemstone that is sure to accent any outfit on any occasion. This week in alignment with the energy of Mystic Topaz, we thought we would have some fun and ask you to choose a pendant and see what your choice of jewellery design says about you…..

You have chosen FUN-LOVING!

The person who wears this piece of jewellery is fun-loving and chooses happiness over money and success. They are a natural hippie at heart and love the ethos and life-style of the 60s, which they will try to integrate and express into their lives any way they can. They love dangly earrings, lots of bracelets, necklaces; And, colour!

They appreciate all kinds of music from the latest chart music to the golden oldies. And, will sing them at the top of their voices at any opportunity.

They love to dress up, love vintage and mix and match fashion from different eras to express their individuality. They don’t need to follow fashion, they are way out in front….

The person who chooses this piece of jewellery is always surrounded by friends and family. They are a magnet to others and where they go others follow. If they go to the farthest point on a beach to find a place that is desserted someone will come and sit right beside them. They don’t need to go to a party as they are the party. All they need to do is open a bottle and and put music on and suddenly it’s party time.

They are dreamers, are generous and kind. They can be emotional and pick up others negativity but nothing can keep them down for too long. They bounce back every time. These are the artists, performers, designers, songwriters, media workers etc.

Never change nor let the world change you beautiful person.

Thank you for taking part in our fun week with Mystic Topaz. These interpretations on jewellery personality types are for entertainment purposes only.