You have chosen CLASSIC-ELEGANCE


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What your jewellery says about you!

We each express ourselves individually in a way that makes us feel comfortable and happy. Clothes – Hair – Make-up and Jewellery all say something about who we are. Did you know, however, that changing what you wear can change the way you feel, and the finishing touches of the jewellery can change everything?

Next time you go to pick your accessories, think about the statement you want to make today. Accessories can be broken down into three main categories; fun-loving, down-to-earth and classic-elegance.

Mystic topaz is a stunning, vibrant gemstone that is sure to accent any outfit on any occasion. This week in alignment with the energy of Mystic Topaz, we thought we would have some fun and ask you to choose a pendant and see what your choice of jewellery design says about you…..

You have chosen CLASSIC-ELEGANCE

The person who wears this piece of jewellery is Classic and elegant. Classic-elegant people chose traditional designs in their jewellery. They appreciate ‘less is more’ and so each piece they wear makes a subtle statement all on it’s own. They would rather have one classic designer hand-bag or watch then a dozen fashion ones. They love their designer sunglasses and signature purfumes. They love pedicures and manicures to make sure they always look well groomed and use their accessories to glam up classic quality clothing.

The pose of a classic-elegant person is noticed as they appear to glide and are effortlessly graceful. They have impeccable taste, are family orintated and much prefer a quite dinner with a few friends to going out clubbing. They like simple make-up with perfect lip colour that matches their nail polish.

These are the classically trained dancers, singers, doctors or medical professionals, investors, executives or food/travel writers.

Stay as gorgeous and elegant as you are beautiful one.

Thank you for taking part in our fun week with Mystic Topaz. These interpretations on jewellery personality types are for entertainment purposes only.