You Are Already A Spiritually Enlightened Being….

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You are already a spiritually enlightened being.

You just don’t know it yet.

When we become more spiritually aware, many like myself, will begin the long search for enlightenment.

Usually we find wisdom in the teachings of a guru or another culture, perhaps somewhere far away and exciting. Closer to home we have the internet, books, gatherings and courses. The harder it is to pay for, converse with, travel to or understand these teachings, the higher the value is placed on them.

After searching, studying, practising and sharing these teachings we begin to want to quantify our progress. How many certificates have we collected? And how spiritually awake are we? As we grow with experience we are drawn to like-minded people and many cannot help but compare themselves to others.

Some will happily continue to collect certificates and life experiences. Many will decide that nothing life changing is happening and go back to their former lives. Others will stop accepting the words of others which they know to be contrary to their soul’s intelligence and look within.

The realisation is that we are spiritual beings living a human awakening. When we are able to understand that, it will turn our thinking around. Every night while our physical body rests we are able to join our spiritual body fully conscious. During the day our busy minds and lives keep it more distant, it’s still there but most are unaware of just how close. At night we travel and experience wonderful things, things which upon waking dissipate and dissolve with the rising sun.

While our physical body is at rest the spiritual body continues to function. The spiritual body has duties just like the physical body has during the day. Each one of us reconnects consciously to continue our chosen path. Some return to the halls of learning, some work on remembering their human awakening and what they reincarnated on the earth plane to achieve. And, some have actual duties to perform. Once free from the physical body restraints except for the silver cord that keeps them tethered, the spiritual body can cross vast distances around the earth and into space.

Many upon waking will wonder why they have a reoccurring dream. Some wake up tired as though they have been awake all night. My favourite feeling is of flying fast like a bird, I can even lie on my back and be carried by the wind.

Some of the duties carried out by spiritual beings during a physical existence is to chaperone spirit in and out of the physical body. I have witnessed many times the spirt passing in and out of the physical body and chaperones working alongside. I believe that these spiritual experiences are so important to your journey. All the enlightenment you could ever need is all within you and reconnecting to this is your journey.

Once we have accepted that we are spiritual all the time and that is our true nature, it is easier to understand that we are actually only physical sometimes, each working on our human awakening.

You are already a spiritually enlightened being

So, what it is to be human? We do not have to search for spiritual enlightenment because we already have everything we need within what we really need is to find is our way to becoming a spiritually awakened human.

In next weeks blog, Marianna will be going into depth about spiritual midwifery and the work of spiritual chaperones. Come back to learn more about this fascinating subject!