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Words Have Power

We speak a lot about the power of our thoughts and how, when used wisely, they become important in the manifestation and healing process. Somewhat less talked about is the power of our words and how these too contribute to these very processes. There has been much consideration this week around the power of words; here are our thoughts.

It would be wise to take care of the words we speak when our guard is down. Those throw away remarks that are said to no one in particular. The universe has ears and not one remark goes by unheard. Common statements like “This always happens to me” after something random occurs, or “I’ve never been the lucky one”, or “I’m always late” can be said by all of us at times and they carry tremendous energy. Think about things that escape verbally from your subconscious. These things you breathe life into. “I can’t give up chocolate” I’ve never won anything”, “I can never find the time” or “No one will ever love me”. Words have power and a string of words is an incantation. An incantation is a spell and a spell repeated more than three times becomes a pattern. Once a pattern is established the spell is set in motion.

So after a lifetime of casting spells albeit maybe subconsciously, if you want to make a change in your life you could start by filtering the words you speak. Purify your thought processing and breath deep every time you feel a negative statement bursting to escape. It will take practise and time.

You will have to overcome self-denial and gain self-worth. Let’s face it, before you would attempt to perform any kind of magic, you would need to make sure that you are in the right frame of mind. Doubts or FEELINGS of inadequacy or inexperience will be mirrored back to you and will hinder the potency of the spell.

How many times when we have made a negative statement have we done it with attitude and force? Think of the tone, the pitch, the aggressive words unleashed, all of these things give potency to the spell. Now we will need to use all these things to create a new incantation. We will need clear thinking, inner power, strength and belief to recreate a new pattern. And, we will need to repeat the same incantation over and over again until we have re-imprinted the vibration to override perhaps years of programming.

There is another thing to consider, whilst we are examining the words or phrases we have a habit of using, where within us are they coming from? What is their root? If the reason is because we feel something is constantly upsetting us and tripping us up, then maybe it’s time to turn around and face this negative. It has at last got our full attention so what is the message? What is it that we need to learn from it?

Even arriving at this point is a huge step forward, a shift in our awareness. We are not playing the victim anymore to circumstance, we are taking responsibility and deliberating a course of action to create change.

Make it your intention to become aware of your negative talk and catch it before you set it free into the universe. The more conscious you become of it, the easier it will be to catch and change the ‘spells’ you have likely spent a lifetime affirming. Now is the time to embrace the power of words and make them work for you.