Visualisation – Your Magician’s Wand!

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The power of visualisation as a tool for successful manifestation has been long recognised but despite the countless books and digital information out there, how seriously do we actually take this powerful mechanism?

As with many spiritual ideas, it can be easy to grasp but not always so easy to implement as we get bogged down in the routines and rituals of daily life. Some people find visualisation difficult whereas for the daydreamers of the world, it can come quite naturally.

Visualisation is so much more than the simple acknowledgement of thoughts of a life so far out of reach. It is the act of physically lifting the veil and calling forth all those things that need the energetic impetus to propel them into your life. Visualisation is your creative force in action, the time that you acknowledge your inner magician and put in place the building blocks which will aid the life of your dreams.

Get excited about it. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not; you are a creator in a universe of infinite possibility. Take the time to hone the skills necessary to exercise your true creative potential. It is your birth right.

Tips for successful visualisation

  • Spending some time thinking about what you want to manifest is one thing, but this will not help you if you do not put yourself energetically in the picture. Imagine it, breathe it, feel it, touch it; engage all your senses as you visualise. The more ‘real’ you visualise, the more likely you are to allow these things to materialise.
  • Thought catch. Yes you heard right. I’m sure, like most of us, you will find that at times visualisation can be difficult because negativity creeps in. Nagging criticisms that shoot down your visualisation in a cloud of self-doubt. Remember that this is just what it is – self-doubt (and ego). Acknowledge the thought and release it. As you become versed in your visualisation practice and you learn to let go more and more, these negative blocks will become less and less.
  • See visualisation as play. It’s not hard work or something that should be un-pleasurable for you. It’s fun (and the results are even better!)
  • Get creative! Visualisation is not confined to daydreaming or quiet contemplation. Vision boards or even better, journals are wonderful aids to creatively visualise. Whether you use text, pictures, doodles or anything else, invest in bringing your dreams to life on paper. This will help to sharpen your intention and crystallise the details.
  • Get others involved! We are all in some ways, working towards something in our lives. Make a night of it, invite friends over for a visualisation night. Indulge in role playing your dreams, create journals together! You’ll love it!
  • Ensure that you use the correct language. Remember, we are playing within an incredibly responsive energetic universe. The universe will respond to your energy, not your specifics. If your visualisation is centred on ‘I want’ and ‘I need’, you are more likely to manifest more of the same energy – want and need. You are working to come into alignment with that which you choose so remember that you should always visualise as if your hopes and dreams have already come to fruition. They have! You just need to lift the veil.