For this exercise I recommend having a journal, a pen and a piece of Prehnite ready to hold. It can be a tumbled piece, a rough piece, a necklace or pendant as long as you can touch the crystal.

Find yourself a quite place to sit or lie down. Make sure you will not be disturbed. Turn mobile phones off.

This exercise can be done outside in nature if wished.

Without the Prehnite first calm your breathing and relax.

Breathe deep inhaling and exhaling at least three times.

Calm your mind and try to think of absolutely nothing.

Place the palm of your leading hand on your lower heart chakra. (below the heart and above the solar plexus) Let your other hand fall towards the floor or away from the body. If out in nature let your passive hand touch the ground.

For three rounds of breathing, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try to fill as much air in your lungs as you can remaining comfortable as you do so.

Take your time and when ready make a note in your journal of any feelings that this may bring up and any sensations in your hands.

Now repeat this exactly the same on the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra. (Above the heart and below the throat) Continue to make notes in your journal for each chakra.

Next I would like you to link in with your Prehnite crystal.

Simply hold the Prehnite and begin to breathe deeply. Tell yourself that you are safe. Close your eyes and gently stroke the Prehnite allowing it to take you anywhere in your mind it wants to go.

Remember that your Prehnite is connected to the angelic realms and will not hurt you.

Affirm that you are aware that your higher self is always with you and you are ready to take any messages for your highest good.

Take a few minutes to become receptive.

Stroking the crystal, thank the earth mother for her beautiful gift of the Prehnite crystal. However you came by it, the crystal has been in the earth for thousands of years collecting data and waiting for you.

This crystal is your friend and should be treated with respect at all times.

As you make your link with your crystal, see if you can feel the spirit of the crystal. This could feel hot, cold, jumpy, calm, jittery or like butterfly wings fluttery.

Listen and link in with any sounds you may hear with the crystal.

It is important to bond with your crystal. This may take a few moments to affirm.

Once again write anything down that comes to mind.

Once you have got to know your crystal I would like you to repeat the first exercise only this time placing the Prehnite on the skin at each chakra point.

Take your time.

Feel the energy of the Prehnite on your chakras and feel the pure translucent green vibration swirling around and integrating with your energy.

Record everything that you sense or see.

When you have completed the three chakras with the Prehnite I would like you to compare notes. Before and after, what you sensed, what you felt.

This will be enough for the first time with Prehnite as it can be a little overwhelming.

However over the coming weeks you can do the same exercise again only this time when working with the Prehnite on the skin ask a question you would like to find an answer to.

It is usual to ask a question that trips you up emotionally time and time again.

You may be surprised how quickly something that has been bugging you for years suddenly doesn’t seem so important anymore.

Once you let go of emotional baggage energy starts to flow again and blockages that were causing problems have a chance to heal.