Understanding The Chakra System

Before we can talk about the crystals and their use in healing we need an understanding of how they will work.

Crystals work by creating change.

Crystals actually talk to the very energy in our DNA.

The energy in our DNA is affected by our emotions. Control of our ‘emotions and feelings’ are vital in achieving balance. Optimum health requires balance within and without the body. So, it’s not just as simple as keeping yourself in balance, it’s also how you respond to outside influences.

To help us to find that elusive place of inner harmony with all things, the chakras play an important role. Whereas many will have come across the term ‘chakras’, a crystal healing course would not be complete without covering the basics of the chakras and further introducing the higher chakras.

To be authentic to myself the information on the positioning of these new higher chakras I am sharing with you comes from the original teachings I received many years ago in Sedona from my Native American shamanic elders. This information is as old as time and I have personally used and taught it since 1998.

The Chakra System

The Sanskrit term ‘chakra’ means wheel. In the subtle anatomy of the human body, describing the chakras as wheels of energy is a very good analogy.

I would describe the chakras as pulsing, vibrating, spinning wheels of energy. Think of them as spinning tops that once set it in motion hum away quite merrily until the energy runs down and the spinning slows. When this happens, attention is needed to re-instate balance before they spin out of control or stop.

The traditional three-dimensional seven chakra system relates to the first seven chakras that are used to connect you to the Earth and everything physical.

It is through these first seven chakras that we as physical beings, evolve in our awareness of the concept of ‘spirit becoming matter becoming spirit’. They form our understanding of energy and our interconnectivity with the world and others around us.

As humanity comes to the end of another twenty six thousand and something year calendar, our three-dimensional seven chakra system is being transformed along with our understanding, to make way for a new fourth dimensional chakra system.

I believe these ‘new’ eight chakras will integrate by locking into the existing seven as we spiritually evolve. I also believe that they have been there all along and some have already gone through this integration. It feels like a tipping point has now been reached and enough of humanity has broken through allowing others to follow more easily.

Through the practise of emotional intelligence in our physical lives, we are pushing the boundaries of our spiritual development with many of us discovering or re-discovering (as this information is not new) that we are not governed by the laws of physics and biology as we have been led to believe.

As this intelligence becomes more accepted and understood in society, as the leading thinkers and practitioners in these areas break more boundaries, what we have in the past perceived as miracles will become everyday occurrences.

As co-creators of our universe it will be possible by choice to change the very structure of our DNA. We will be able to eliminate the ageing genes, taking off the markers that at present dictate how or when our bodies degenerate and refresh our imprint.

This thinking process has taken many transformations, false starts and detours for us to truly understand and we are only just on the threshold of awaking to the reality of these concepts. We are so lucky to be living at a time when there is so much information around us, that it would be almost impossible for us not to stumble across some of it somehow.

We need to wake up fast, we still have a lot of work to do!

This is where the new eight chakras come in.

With this new awakening, we are developing a deeper connection to our higher self and through this to the universe and the divine energy.

Science has only recently proved that this structure or pattern that we are connecting to actually exists. It is so new, that although many shamanic practices and cultures have taught and told stories about it for centuries, the world of science has yet to name it.

There is no one name for it.

Some call it The Quantum Hologram, some refer to it as the Mind of God, and some simply say it is The Web – Natures Net – The Very Fabric of our World – Subtle Energy.

Whatever you call it, one thing is the same for all of us: knowing it exists is not the big discovery; it is the knowing of the language required to talk to it that is the secret.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Living in a Participatory Universe

There is a field of energy surrounding each and every one of us that is our own individual energy field.

Energy resonates out from each main chakra centre in great big pulsating, vibrating swirls of energy, intermingling with each other and stretching out in waves. Smaller wheels of energy vibrate out from hundreds of points in our bodies, also intermingling with the larger main chakra centre wheels of energy.

The heart chakra, being the biggest of all, almost encompasses all the other energy centres as is emanates out in billowing warps from our bodies. Those who can see auras may see this energy field similar to heat steaming off a tarmac road in summer. It is subtle waves of energy shimmering in various colours.

There are layers to an aura as it stretches out and away from the body. Some healers are good at feeling this with their hands. Others find these are best felt by using a pendulum or dowsing rod.

The first stage of the aura is the densest and as that drops away a little if feels like a ‘wind warp’. (The feeling you get when the wind picks up and you get pushed up or along for a moment and then just as quickly the wind drops and your momentum stops)

The energy from the aura then continues and there is another wind warp of lesser intensity further away from the body. It is possible to detect at least three of these providing there is enough space around the body & not contaminated by other people, animals, trees or plants.

The Semantics of ‘The Secret’!

Of the first seven main chakras, the lower three: base, sacral and solar plexus, relate to the power of human emotions. This is broken down into the two primary emotions of love and its opposite – hate, frustration, stress and anguish.

The three chakras positioned higher on the physical body: crown, third eye and throat chakra, relate to thought, clarity of vision, logic and direction.

The heart chakra, as already mentioned, is all encompassing and cloaks the other energy centres in such a way that it marries the two groups together.

The power of emotions – directed by thought, creates a feeling in the heart. The heart is an enormous power house that generates feelings that can burst out into the universe via its vibration. It is this very vibration that is speaking to the fabric of our universe, (or ‘matrix’), in a language.

The feeling in our heart is the language of the matrix.

This is the universal language of God, Angels or the Divine language. Perhaps this lost language is the Holy Grail?

In order to use this language intelligently, first we need to understand emotional intelligence. Without emotional intelligence we send out chaotic defragmented signals because our thoughts are not focussed, resulting in our auras (our signalling) becoming agitated.

With everything being interconnected, we reap what we sow, hence more agitation.

The Sacred Language

When people ask me what actually happens when I am doing a healing, what am I thinking, feeling or actually physically doing whilst going through the ritual of a healing, I usually answer ‘I am just reconnecting you to the grid, it is a bit like praying for you when you are too weak or lost too pray for yourself’.

It would take many hours for me to explain all, but in truth, simply put this is exactly what I feel I am doing, reconnecting someone to the grid.

When we pray we have different urgencies relating to our immediate needs. Some times we give thanks for our food or our families, usually around times of festivities or celebrations. These prayers are humble and respectful and represent what we should be thankful for, but sometimes are done out of duty.

There is also the colloquial prayer ‘please let there be a parking space outside the shop, bank, hairdressers’,etc.

There are also solemn prayers, as said at Mass in the High Churches etc., and are ritualistic by nature. Praising God and said or sang as mantras.

The next form of prayer is much more personal and done by meditation. This is between you and all that is. This form of prayer is found within, and achieved by inner silence and the quietening of the mind.

The last form of prayer is the one that builds. It encompasses many facets of all the previously mentioned ones and I can only describe it as shamanic by nature. But, it is different because it delivers in the now.

This form of prayer is based on feeling and takes practise and ritual to achieve.

Imagine preparing for a special occasion you really want to go to. The pain, the emotion, the excitement and then thinking about what you are going to wear, the logistics and finally the feeling of actually arriving, being at the special place.

Now hold that feeling.

It does not matter how you managed to get there, but the end result was the feeling.

That is what gets you to a special place, event or celebration; a process. It is that same feeling that talks to the matrix and empowers the field to bring it back to us in abundance.

When working on a healing, you are going within, using ritual to engage the lower three chakras to marry with the upper three chakras of the first seven using intelligent energy.

It does not matter if you use mantras, smudge sticks, candles, feathers or sacred clothing items in certain colours. It is what ever it takes to create the feeling. The feeling, is the feeling of how the person would feel if they were in perfect health now, and that is the language of the matrix.

The Chakra System – The First Seven Chakras

The first chakra is the base or root chakra and positioned at the base of the spine. This centre is usually associated with the colour red and is the lowest vibration in the rainbow spectrum.

This chakra deals primarily with the survival instinct and the reptilian brain. Hence it would relate to the immune system, the stiffness in joints, anaemia and lethargy.

It controls the organs and glands relevant to the area at the base of the spine, genitals, intestines, bowel system and gonads. These glands are known to affect our personality.

The second chakra is the sacral chakra and positioned behind the belly button. This centre is usually associated with the colour orange and is the second colour in the rainbow spectrum.

This chakra is also referred to as the abdominal centre and deals with all our relationships in life. Hence it would relate to the adrenal glands which give us adrenalin, energy or absorb shock.

Here is the seat of sexual energy and is where Chi or life force energy is stored.

The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra and positioned in the middle above the belly button and below the heart. This centre is usually associated with the colour yellow and is the third colour in the rainbow spectrum.

This is probably the most crucial centre on the body in relation to emotional energy and when used in wrong relationship to the self and others, it can cause selfishness and domination over others.

This is seen by healers and psychics when the energy centre spins erratically or even backwards in an anti-clockwise direction. It pulls energy in towards the self and is recognised by healers as clingy, needy and desperate to be loved people. This is because they do not feel the essence of love coming from their own hearts and so try and suck energy from all around.

When the energy in the solar plexus is rational and calm and the energy spins outwards, the person is in right relationship to themselves and others and this is felt by everyone as a person they are comfortable to be around. These people can make good healers and psychics.

On the physical body, this centre relates to the pancreas, stomach and the intestines and processes the absorbing of life force or prana energy from surrounding and food. Anxiety and fear are acknowledged here and it is where the fight or flight action/reaction takes place. It is the centre where our intuition is felt.

These first three chakras represent the power of human emotions.

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra and positioned above the heart. This centre is usually associated with the colour green and is the fourth colour in the rainbow spectrum.

This centre is our biggest centre and relates to the factor of love and the balance to its counterpart wisdom. When this centre is out of balance it can start to spin the wrong way leading to an involuntary movement downwards towards the solar plexus. When this energy centre is out of balance we are truly out of sorts.

The heart chakra physically relates to the thymus gland and when in balance stimulates the immune system. It frees us from the domination of others and supports the development of our own thoughts and values.

When in total balance it also opens up another centre above the heart and below the throat (now known as the tenth chakra or Higher Heart) otherwise known as the bodies ‘bodhisattva’ point or the point of enlightenment.

The heart chakra is positioned between the three lower and three higher chakra of the three dimensional first seven chakras and acts as a link between them. This centre is often referred to as the bridge.

This is the centre that communicates to the matrix.

The heart chakra represents feeling and feelings are the language that talk to the fibres of the fabric in our universe.

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra and positioned below the chin and above the collar bone. This centre is usually associated with the colour blue and is the fifth colour of the rainbow spectrum.

This is the centre which deals with ‘active’ intelligence and communication. It assists with painkilling and brings calm when in balance. It encourages patience and uplifts and clarifies the mind. It also represents truth.

When this centre spins out of balance the energy is projected down into the sacral centre and then what you think about and feel and the words that you speak become related only to the personality and desire.

One of the lower aspects is money and materialism because money is essentially a form of communication.

When in balance it would translate to caring and sharing. Physically it would relate to the thyroid gland which encourages cell growth. It is also important to the glandular system bringing harmony to the body and helping to reduce blood pressure.

The sixth chakra is the brow chakra and positioned behind the forehead. This centre is usually associated with the colour indigo/violet and is the sixth colour of the rainbow spectrum.

This centre is relevant to clarity of vision and, many believe, our perception of truth. Its quality is to see things as they really are. It is the centre of creative visualisation and can gather and process information from our higher self.

When there is an imbalance in this centre it will project psychic conflict into the outside world. Physically, it corresponds to the pituitary gland and relates to our self-worth and any form of disharmony within our self image. When in balance it would relate to growth and balance throughout the body.

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra and positioned at the crown on top of the head. The usual colour related to this centre is violet and is the seventh colour in the rainbow spectrum.

I have many times seen this centre pure white in colour and it can also range from pale aqua blue through to magenta. The colour changes depending on the language of the vibration from the heart. A great colour seen descending from the universe in through the crown chakra is vibrant green. This is the reflection of the colour put out from the heart centre and being returned in abundance.

This centre is known as the ‘thousand petalled lotus’ or the ‘seat of the soul’. This is because the crown contains seven centres that correspond to the seven body centres and it is called the rainbow bridge, often seen in the aura as bright white light or golden rays.

Physically this centre relates to the pineal gland which regulates the function of all the endocrine organs through the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is produced to sedate the endocrine organs when they become overactive or stressed. It also has an effect on the brain activity.

Those who complain of their brain being tired could have melatonin to thank for it. When the metabolism races, melatonin steps in to sedate excess over-activity with a feeling of sleepiness – thus resting the other endocrine organs of the body. When the body requires extra melatonin, the metabolism is slowed and the brain activity is quietened. It is in this state that more frequent experiences of psychic phenomena have been reported.

There is also evidence to suggest a relationship between melatonin and the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). This gland seems to require light to function properly and, consequently, is affected by the rhythms of the Sun and Moon – which appear to relate to our ‘biological clock’.

The crown chakra cannot function effectively until the personality is relatively balanced.

These last three chakras represent the thought, logic and direction.

The Chakra System

The Eight New Chakras – An Overview

The eighth chakra is positioned in the back of the head where the skull and neck join. From the front of the body it is behind the mouth. This chakra is related to the medulla oblongata and the cerebellum and is affectionately known as ‘the well of dreams’.

The ninth chakra is positioned in the centre of the brain and related to the pineal gland. From the front of the body it is behind the top of the nose.

The tenth chakra is positioned above the heart and related to the thymus. From the front of the body it is between the heart and the throat chakra. It corresponds to love through compassion and is known as the higher heart.

The eleventh chakra is positioned below the heart and is a multidimensional gateway to the soul. From the front of the body it is positioned between the solar plexus and the heart. Some believe this chakra is the also the gateway to all past lives and patterns.

All of these next four chakras I personally call the Aura Chakras. These are located outside the physical body and are vibrating within the matrix receiving and sending messages constantly.

Until we become aware of them, they perform these duties reticular. The higher self administers to these centres and this is felt in the physical body as universal love.

The twelfth chakra is positioned approx fifteen cms below the feet and known as the Earth Star chakra. It connects to the Earth Mother and Divine Feminine energy of the planet and is the grounding cord or thread that anchors your light body.

The thirteenth chakra is positioned approx fifteen cms above the crown and slightly off to the left hand side of the body. It is known as the soul star chakra and connects to the spirit realms.

The fourteenth chakra is positioned approx one arms length above the crown directly central to the body. This is the centre of the etheric chakra and used to connect to the higher self. This centre vibrates at the frequency of peace and harmony and achieves this through access to theta states of consciousness.

The fifteenth chakra is positioned approx two arms length above the crown directly central to the body. This is the gateway to the universe, a personal portal to the other dimensions and the means of connection to angelic and heavenly beings. This is the portal your spirit returns to the spirit world through and the one we use when astral travelling.

Many will refer to the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth as the Galactic Chakras.

Whilst you may be already familiar to some degree with the Chakra system, it is important to share this information with you as we will relate to this throughout the course content to come.

Furthermore, as I mentioned at the start of this piece, there is much information circulating with regards to the positioning of the eight new chakras. I feel that it is important to stay true to my teachings and work with the information given to me directly from my Native American Elders in Sedona. This is the information we will be working with as we make our way through the course content.