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The Runic Board

Rune boards can be of any design really, although it is often best to use a design that reflects your own path or beliefs.

Since most of my work is concerned with healing, I arrived (after much experimenting) at the design shown here, containing a number of simple elements.

Healing is not just about mending broken bones; it is about mending the spirit. I would use the Runes to help me to identify the areas in someone’s life that needed attention – and clues as to where to look for the answers.

On a large sheet of art paper I drew a rectangle about 40 centimetres by 30 centimetres and divided it into four quarters. 

I coloured each one a different colour and labelled them, earth – green, air –cream, fire – red, water – blue. This was simple; each represented a facet of the human psyche. 

Then I drew the winged staff (the caduceus of Mercury) in the centre. This represented the physical body.

The entwined, interlocking serpents indicate the main Chakra centres; the wings mark the spiritual centres above and the physical centres below.

I then covered the whole board with a sheet of glass to protect it.

My Runic Board – Marianna Sheldrake

I practiced with this idea and noticed that, on my ‘guinea pigs’ at least, it was working. The concept actually proved ‘spot on’ in almost every case. 

The best results were when I first formed a magical circle, then asked the person to put their hand in the pouch and thoroughly mix up the Runes. Then chute them onto my rune board.

I then discarded all the Runes that fell outside the rectangle or fell face down. This left usually less than half of the symbols lying face up.

I then found it was possible to read the Runes by noting their meanings and allying them to the element they fell in and whether or not they were on or off the body.

For example; if a Rune fell in the blue area this would indicate that the issues surrounding this persons health or well-being were emotional or to do with relationships. That they were going through a transformation.

Then notice the position it fell, on or off the body.

Last read the Rune, which will tie the whole thing together.

If it was say  ‘Thorn’ I would read this as ‘things are not what they seem, someone is being deceitful. Now is a time when you are in need of a little emotional protection’.

I would then continue until each remaining Rune had been read.

The results were extraordinarily correct. I realised that whatever the energies surrounding the Runes were, and regardless of how it got there, it worked – and that, for me, is magic.

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