The Healing Powers of Larimar

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The Healing Powers of Larimar

Larimar is from one location only. Originally found washed out from the Bahoruco river along the beach and into the ocean of the turquoise crystal-clear waters around the Dominican Republic. When it was first discovered it was believed by the natives of the island to have come from the sea.

In actual fact, Larimar was traced by following the Bahoruco river upstream to one single mountainside surrounded by rainforest vegetation. It was this rainforest that gave the Larimar the blue colouration.

Deposits of the blue-coloured pectolite, wrapped in volcanic rock and stream roll polished over millennia, stood out on the river bed against the darker rocks.  Now the area  around Chupaderos is mined for its rare gift.

Larimar is from the family of ‘pectolites’ which are largely composed of an acid silicate hydrate mix of calcium and sodium. Here in the Dominican Republic, the calcium has uniquely been replaced by copper leaking into the bubble-like plugs called ‘cavities or vugs’ within the volcanic basalt and andesite rocks. Because of the rarity of this happening, Larimar has become a much sort after mineral around the world.

The beautiful pale rippling blues of the Larimar are distinctive by its powdery blue colour and white surf or sun fractured patterning. 

Larimar is also known as the dolphin stone or the stone of the goddess.  It is associated with the consort of Neptune, the mother of the moon and goddess of the sea. It is she who is responsible for the ebb and flow of the tides.

Larimar is said to break down barriers, smash blockages and disrupt destructive patterns in the molecular-cellular.

Larimar is often worn as jewellery on the throat chakra and higher heart chakra.

It is effective for gently and effectively communicating one’s truth.

It heals emotional pain fast.

Expresses itself creatively through the wearer’s ability to channel communication and accomplish the soul’s path and purpose with mindfulness.  

This incredible mineral instils a sense of peace in one’s home bringing with it a sense of calm and love.

It is used for ‘cellular cleansing’ and to help one to believe in the-self.

This mineral will aid one to rid the body of guilt or frustrations locked in the memory.

It is gentle enough to be used in a nursery to calm a stressful child. Place some on a shelf in the room, out of reach, and do not allow dust to gather on them.  Alternatively hang a piece above the crib or bed or tuck it under the cot.

It is an incredible asset for meditation particularly recommended if you sit on a blue floor, cloth or cushion.  This surrounds you with the higher vibrational colour of the angels. Hold your Larimar against your skin.

Some have found whilst meditating with Larimar they feel the urge to sing, to let energy out gently and calmly. The voice of the Dolphin comes through and causes deep healing to take place. I have noticed more and more female healers using this method with sound healing intuitively.

Try this for a small Larimar meditation

Find yourself a comfortable place to relax

Sit or lie down on a pale blue floor, cushion or cloth.

Surround yourself in as much of the colour pale blue as you can.

If you have some play soothing music set to wave sounds of the sea. Pre-record the sound of the sea or download some sounds of the sea. These sounds will relax and prepare you for a deep state of calm. 

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Inhale deep breaths in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. 

Once you have slowed your breathing and feel settled on the next breath imagine the breath coming in through your nose and travelling up behind the eyes and around your brain.

Feel it cool and soothing allowing it to expand around your cranial cavities.

Breathing whilst imagining this and listening to the sound of waves on a beach can activate a deep state of the Theta rhythmic brain waves. These deep breaths have a specific function – deep intakes of oxygen stimulate the energy centre at the top of the spine and base of the skull. This chakra is related to the medulla oblongata and the cerebellum and is affectionately known as the ‘well of dreams’ or ‘mouth of God’.  One very important energy centre! 

Concentrate on your breathing and take your time.

Slowly you will begin to feel the energy of this centre. This is the centre that connects to the cosmic rhythm and you will soon notice how open or closed this centre is.

Your breathing is a rhythm – the earth mother has a rhythm and the universe has a rhythm. When these are in sync everything flows easily. Based on this you may want to take note of the feelings you receive from concentrating your breathing through this energy centre. 

If you feel it is blocked and there is no energy flowing through you from the universe, then this could be telling you that you are pre-occupied with the everyday mundane side to being human.

You may relate this to feeling stifled, kept small or trapped in a ‘ground hog’ type of existence. Wanting to break free but remaining caged. Being far too busy with life to spend time on the self!

If you feel that this energy centre is unstable – jittery or wobbly – then the energy flow from the universe is being scrambled.

This can be due to many things – too much alcohol or too many prescribed or unprescribed drugs. Moving around too much globally with nowhere to call home. Being insecure. Coping with grief. There are many reasons that one can feel intermittently unconnected. This can be distressing and left un-attended, one may suffer with mental health issues, fantasy world living, disconnectedness. 

If you feel this energy centre to be rushing and moving too fast you may be spiritually over stimulated – too much information coming at you too fast. You may be seeking immediate spiritual enlightenment or living in the spiritual realms far too much at the expense of a physical existence. 

And lastly, if you feel this energy centre to be open and calm within balance then you are at one with the universe and know you are a spark of the Divine. You will receive spiritual guidance and love and the universe will conspire to bring you happiness and peace of mind. 

Whatever you feel from this breathing exercise and whatever may come through from the universe, it may be a good idea to listen to it.

Perhaps it tells you to slow down and enjoy the journey, maybe it is telling you to get out of your groove.