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Super-Charge your Crystals with the Pink Super-Moon.

Prepare for the Full Moon and grab a blanket, cup of tea, and some special friends to sit out under this Pink Super-Moon.

Get your crystals out and let them moon-bathe. First, wash your crystals. Leave them in a prominent place outside under the Super-Moon to clear and cleanse them. I suggest you leave them out for a few nights to re-energise and re-charge them. Tanzanite is particularly good for charging under the full moon. When you bring your healing or personal working crystals back in, keep them wrapped before use. They seem to like being cuddled and nurtured after a Super-Moon bathe.

During the evening of the full moon, go outside and spend a little time just looking up at the moon. Centre yourself and control your breathing. Take some deep breaths and try to disengage your brain. Let the stresses of the day disappear, and as the moonlight washes over you, allow it to take away any pains or anxieties. Allow your mind to wander and dream. Somewhere between consciousness and drifting off to sleep is a space where your Angels and guides begin to speak to you.

Moon-bathing can bring great relief from pain and worries. Some feel very light-headed whilst Moon-bathing. The moon is very hypnotic at this time of the month. Sensitives and empaths can find this time exceptionally prophetic. Visions, images, words, and insights often come to them during this time.

Many like to use smudge sticks to waft around them; some lite incense, and others use essential oil aura sprays. All these are great ways to help you clear and cease your aura.

Personally, I love to use my Tanzanite to recharge under the moon. I then keep it wrapped up and it’s ready to use whenever I need to release stress and tension from my aura.

Whatever you use to help you, don’t waste this powerful Super-Moon. It is potent and just what we all need.

Blessings, Marianna