Soul Mates – Spiritual Lessons In Disguise

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The idea of soul mates fascinates most people. The thought of finding that special ‘one’. But there are many kinds of soul mate. A soul mate is described as someone you have met in a past life in which you experienced a special connection.

When you first encounter a soul mate it can have a profound effect, one that can turn your life upside down. For many, it feels like love at first sight, that you have known this person your whole life and your entire guard goes down. However many soul mate encounters come into our lives to shake things up, they bring with them total chaos and wreak havoc in every area of our lives. Things are never the same again after these type of interactions. With your emotions running riot and desperately wanting to believe you have found ‘the one’, it is very easy to slip into a fantasy world of happy ever after. Whilst there is a slim possibility that this fantasy becomes reality, we must stay aware of the broader spectrum of soul mate encounters.

Love and hate are the same emotion and it is possible that the person you feel so strongly about might just actually have wronged you or harmed you in some way in a past life. Sometimes we make soul agreements to enter each other’s lives if we or they are not sticking to the spiritual growth plan.

In these cases the emotion you’re feeling may be the love of a family member, a child, mother or sibling from a past life.  And these relationships all may have unfinished business.

The reality is that you are likely to encounter many soul mates in a lifetime. Some good and like everything in life, some bad. One thing all soul mates have in common is the lesson they bring with them. Souls reincarnate together or in similar time frames to complete unfinished business or to untangle karma.

In order to protect yourself from the Soul Mate Syndrome and getting seriously hurt, you first need to be aware of the potential consequences of these unions. Soul mates are not the same as twin flames (something we will cover at a later date) or just anyone we meet and fall for. It is my understanding that soul mates carry with them lessons specific to our spiritual growth and as with all things, the growth will be determined by the way we respond to the lesson.

So what can you do if and when you find yourself in this position? Because most of us are driven by our emotions we want to believe in finding a soul mate, that one true love, a love that crosses time and space. It’s exciting and romantic and we want to believe it exists. And herein lies the predicament – we want to believe it. If we were to take a step back and use our upper chakras to apply logic and reason the moment it happens, the situation would be very different. We would approach it by analysing why we are feeling these things; Am I particularly vulnerable right now? Am I looking to be saved? Am I bored and looking for adventure or change? Am I feeling lost? Am I looking for a mentor? Am I looking for a reason to go on? Am I looking for someone to complete me? Am I searching for spiritual sustenance? The list would go on and on.

By taking a step back and using your reasoning skills you will quickly adjust your thinking. Try and see what is happening at a deeper level. Whilst it’s ok to get swept up in a new encounter that makes you feel amazing or fills a hole in your life, don’t allow yourself to get LOST. Take your time and hold on to your heart, your loved ones, your home and your wallet.  Because if it’s real then you have all the time in the world to work things out. If it’s not then not only have you given yourself time to work out what lesson you are learning about yourself and others, but you also will be helping to clear up your karma.

By not allowing yourself to be misled, used, manipulated, emotionally exhausted or strung out you could very well be putting an end to a merry go round of cause and effect with someone that has tied you together for lifetimes. At the very least you may be able to wake up enough to learn from it.

Here is how a very special encounter with a past life acquaintance explained it to me. He said, “Marianna, remember that what you believe is real. Belief is a very powerful thing and while you may believe one thing about something, someone else may believe an entirely different thing about the exact same thing. Let me tell you a story you will relate too.

“The Aztecs were a powerful and wealthy nation. Strong in number, fearful of their god Quetzalcoatl.  They believed their god would arrive at the ‘end of days’ to save them, appearing to them shining like the sun. The Aztecs gave many blood offerings to their gods and collected much gold for them, believing that this was what their gods desired the most and would win them favour. 

When the Spanish came to invade they arrived with shining metal helmets and armour unlike anything the Aztecs had seen before. The Aztecs saw them approaching from afar and their armour shone like the sun itself. They believed this was a sign and instead of protecting themselves as they would normally have done by slaughtering the invaders, they laid down their arms and welcomed the army in. Their belief was so strong, the Emperor allowed them to stay in his quarters and shared everything with them, even showing the Spanish invaders his huge wealth in gold. 

 The Spanish knew they were greatly outnumbered and so eventually left only to return ready to conquer, pillage and plunder. The Spanish ended what was the rule of a mighty empire not from fighting with weapons but through an unintended manipulation of the ‘belief’ the Aztecs held. They had no defence.”

So I guess the moral of the story is simple. If you hold on too tightly to ‘wanting’ to find an idealised vision of what a soul mate is, you will approach all soul mate unions from an unprotected stance. Leaving yourself immediately open to hurt and heartache. It’s ok to believe that ‘the one’ is out there, just don’t be too quick to believe that all interactions will result in this. Keep your head (and your heart) and you could find yourself emerging with some of life’s greatest lessons, not to mention releasing old karmic struggles that could be affecting all areas of your life.